The Beautiful One

Domaine De Listinconu
Île De Beauté IGP 2019
Sciacarellu, Grenache
Aghione, Corsica (region of France) but it also depends on which resident you talk to. Serious politics are still somewhat afoot.
Winegrower: Paul Vincent Casanova

Delightful light salmon orange color which leads into the very fragrant smell of orange blossoms, salt, violets, and honeysuckle. First sip is orange which builds into apple, pear, again salt, light melon, honey covered strawberries, and raspberries. This wine is damn gorgeous. Why don’t I have a yard and be able to drink this in while grilling some shrimp skewers? Also since I’m dreaming, let’s have a dozen oysters on the half shell.

Pairs with Cheez-its: full on berry. Strawberries popping all over the place

I’m coming up empty on pics of this winery/vineyard. Domaine De Listinconu and their winegrower Paul Vincent Casanova is from Aghione, Corsica (from what I am finding). They are part of Pierre Rougon’s extensive portfolio. According to Rougon’s site they are all estate bottled wines. I just wish I could find pictures of the place. No matter what, let’s hop the boat and head to Corsica.

Corsica, the beautiful island with many names throughout history. The Greeks called it Kalliste (which of course makes me think of Khaleesi, the most beautiful and powerful) and also Seirinoussai, which are the Sirens from Homer’s Odyssey. From what I see it is a place that can lure you in, but I don’t think it would dash you, I think you would just want to stay forever.

Starting off in the capital Ajaccio, which is housed between their beautiful beaches and ports on the Gulf of Ajaccio and also mountainous craggy ranges. The bustling city is also well known for it’s illustrious infamous son, Napoleon. You can spend your time viewing the Maison Bonaparte, or you could (I would) head to the harbor and find a beautiful restaurant and enjoy some fresh seafood (think urchins and shellfish with a bottle of wine) under the sun. Wait, let’s add to the order a serving of fresh Brocciu cheese.

Heading now not so far away to Bocognano, where you can have an adventure in the Richiusa Canyon. You can sign up for one of the local tours and hike, climb, zipline, slide, and take a plunge into the river. They also have a fest in December which is right up my alley, the Fiera di a Castagna. Yes, let’s all celebrate the chestnut! The fair is renowned as the most important fete in Corsica, and draws around 20,000 people each year. It celebrates not only the chestnut, but also multiple other local artisan foods, music, and culture, oh and not to forget the wine.

Let’s make one more stop at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Scandola Nature Reserve. We’ll need to take a little boat trip, and you can grab one at Calvi, Galéria or Porto. You have choices in boats. Larger ones cover more area faster, but the smaller ones can give you a chance to get closer to the cliffs and grottos. The cliffs are a beautiful rusty brick red and riddled with strawberry trees and heather. It’s also home to all sorts of sea birds, ospreys, dolphins, seal colonies and from this video graceful mesmerizing jellyfish. This trip would be a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

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