Creative Perfect Pairing

Podere Sottoilnoce
Valtiberia 2020
Vino Bianco Frizzante
70% Trebbiano Modenese, 30% Trebbiano Di Spagna
Biodynamic, organic, indigenous yeast, minimal intervention
Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Owner & winemaker: Max Brondolo

Warm golden sunshine with tiny bubbles. Breathing in a gentle creamy vanilla start that morphs, next up are pears, green apples, a smidge of berry, and musky touch that fades on day 1 and leads to light melon, and a smidge of anise. On the tip of my tongue it’s dry, with crisp pear & apple, lemon/lime squeeze, a bit of berry, that spice/anise is still there but joyously light & fresh, and a bit of almond on the back

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh this is gooood

As I said in my previous post, Max Brondolo is a Renaissance man. Earlier in life, he had an successful and cool career in advertising/communications/digital media. I wonder how it felt to start his new life in wine which seems to be an old love. Must be exciting, freeing and satisfying to start a 2nd act by working & growing in many ways with nature…to channel and pour a new creativity into these bottled moments in time that you share with family, friends, and the world. Have to also write about the artist whose paintings grace his labels. Something about these birds just pulled me in and I went down the google rabbit hole. Denis Riva is brilliant. It has been a while that I’ve found a “new to me” artist that pulled up such emotions that I can’t even put into words what I’m feeling. Please take a look at his website. I don’t know what brought these two creatives (Max & Denis) together but they are a perfect pairing.

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