A Chilled Happy Dance Of Life

Les Conques
Nonette 2021
Villemolaque (cellar), Roussillon (vineyards), France
Owner & winemaker: François Douville and family

Strawbluecranberry cocktail color with tiny bubbles. Lovely scents of natural slightly fizzy sizzle depth at first along with smoke & little earth, smidge of balsamic vinegar, and it all grows into a blend of strawberries, raspberries, bright cherry and lemon squeeze. Sipping along and there’s raspberries, strawberries, a whiff of smoke & spritz of seltzer, cranberry, a kick of cherry and a little lemon lick. It’s a zippy & tongue tingling chilled happy dance of life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nope

I swear, lately I’ll grab a bottle and not even look at the back label before bringing it home and once I get ready to open and turn it around, lo and behold there’s Super Glou’s logo. They really know how to pick winners. Les Conques totally knocked my socks off if you can’t tell from my description above. Somehow they bottled the essence or interpretation of their enchanted land. Just check out their IG page and you’ll see for yourself (oh and pour a glass of Nonette too for full effect). You’ll find images of truly natural happiness including their Jack Russell, horses, all sorts of beneficial insects & other wildlife, family and the surrounding watchful trees such as cork oaks & something I have never heard of before “arborescent heather” which is my namesake that is usually a shrubbery but evidently has grown to higher aspirations. Enough of my flights of fancy babbling, take a good long well chilled sip and experience it for yourself. 🍷

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