Apple Kisses








Manoir du Kinkiz
AOP Cornouaille Cider
Brittany France
100% Fresh Apples
Owners Maugane and Hervé Seznec
Cider-Maker Hervé Seznec
Organic and biodynamic

Sparkling very deep orange gold…like antique rose gold. Beautiful bubbles. First sniff and here’s lemon, flowers, tart apple, tangerine, maybe some cinnamon, and good earth funk. Now raise your glass and take a sip. Whoa and wow! Apples (reminds me of golden delicious which is my apple point of reference from childhood but also another richer sweeter apple too), a little celery, and smoke. Opens up to sweet smoothness with a little kick of balsamic.

Pairs w Cheez-It’s: super sweet apple-ness. Glorious. Reminds me of my childhood home, the apple orchard and helping out making cider by hand.

Let’s enjoy another glass along with some Apple Kisses from Alison Moyet.

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