A Creative & Delicious Solution

Les Filles des Fêtes
Afternoon Disco 2022
Chardonnay 66%, Viognier 34%
Natural wine, zero/zero
Greenport, NY
Leslie Merinoff

Warm gold just like a perfect ring on your finger. First sniff and there’s a natural seaside tide pool whiff that departs and then heads into a pinch of light pie spice, next up are spring flowers & fruit blossoms, apples, pears, and overall it’s just light, bright and uplifting. Sip & swish and apples & pears appear again with s little zing of lime & zesty tart bit of liveliness, lick of mineral rock that has a small shake of salt sea breeze, and smidge of mace on the exhale with a little sprig of hay. This glass is super chill and comfortable and perfect to ease into an afternoon DJ set.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: bleh. don’t bother

I’ve become quite a fan of Matchbook Distilling & Leslie Merinoff’s creations, and this wine makes me fall a bit harder for them, or maybe I should say it makes me want to get up and dance. Reading on how it all came about and turns out it is a creative solution for what could have been a big problem. Originally it was to be all about Viognier, but in order to keep the ferment process at just the right spot cool they needed more juice to fill their tank. Since Leslie sources & works with local farmers/growers, North Fork Long Island’s Macari Vineyards provided the beautiful Chardonnay to balance everything out. BTW, I’m really glad these two grapes had their chance to mingle because oh they do shine so well together kind of like bright daylight shimmering on a spinning 🪩.

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