Thrill on Blueberry Hill

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (Farm Brewery)
Blueberry French Toast Imperial Brown Ale
8% ABV
Goochland, VA

Dark Coca-Cola pour. Once the can is popped, out comes caramel, blueberries, maple, and toasty. The label doesn’t lie, my tastebuds are all over the blueberries or from what I remember as a kid…blueberry syrup (was great on homemade biscuits), toast, maple, cola, and a touch of bitter but in a good way.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: At first sip it takes away the blueberries but even before the next sip they just come back and slap you in the face. So if you want to get slapped in the face by blueberries then go on ahead.

Checking out Lickinghole’s site, and what an idyllic place. It’s a brewery, it’s a farm, and they have their own sustainable water source. They grow most of what they use for their beers and if it’s something they don’t have, they work with other local farmers. They also have a show this Saturday, Oct. 10th (The Trongone Band) which is a start to a series of concerts. All ticket sales go to support the artists, who really need it right now. Prices vary depending on which package you want. Just remember mask up, social distance and wash your hands. Make this a safe event for all.

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