The Great Seducer

Bianco Spinomarino
Greco 2019
100% Greco
Puglia I.G.T.
Gioia delle Colle, Spinomarino, Puglia, Italy
Organic, dry farming, sustainable, green manure, and zero emission
Winemaker: Pasquale Petrera

Pale pretty yellow with a little haze. It’s like a fresh breeze of roses, lilies (not overly heavy), lilacs, and honeysuckle. It’s a unique and beautiful mouthful of honeydew, peaches, pear, honeysuckle nectar, honey fresh from my great grandfather’s hives, and a spice that could be a hint of thyme. This is total enchantment.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Nope! Absolutely not!!! It kills all the ethereal angelic flavors

Fatalone has been around since the 1800s but didn’t starts bottling till 1987. Everything else was bring your own bottle and fill’er up. Spinomarino is their only white wine, and those vines were not planted till 1990. Such a beautiful exotic heady and very unique wine. Kind of fits their name Fatalone. Filippo Petrera was the 2nd generation of this family and had the nickname of Il Fatalone which pretty much translates to “Lady Killer” or seducer. Throw in a bottle of this in a special someone’s Christmas stocking, and I bet you may have a fun night on your hands. Pivoting my head from these thoughts lest I get put on Santa’s naughty list. The winemakers also go above and beyond in making sure the grapes have the utmost care throughout the whole process. They even went as far as soundproofing the cellar and piping in classical music and nature sounds. Now that’s quite a spa treatment.

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