The Duck Is Magic

Luís Pato
Baga Rosé Espumante Bruto
Amoreira da Gândara, Barriada, Portugal
Winegrower & maker/Baga Whisperer & Champion: Luís Pato

Stained glass amber/orange (or some might say pink grapefruit cocktail) with a magenta glow and tiny active bubbles tracing designs on the surface and as I glance am I nuts or does one look like a standing duck. I swear this is my first glass. Scents of strawberries & raspberries with a splash of faint orange peel & cloves/holiday spice. First sip and woooweee! Tingling & tart strawberries, raspberries, red currants, a little squeeze of lemon way in the back, and a mineral lick. Crisp, light and delightfully dry.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly refreshing & not exactly what I expected

Loving this lively sparkler from the Duck Daddy himself, Luis Pato. I’ve tasted and written about many different forms of his & his daughters’ bottled flock; and each are so unique, delicious, and filled with a spark of life that runs throughout. Some flap their wings in joy, others soar, and then there’s always that duck that walks its own path and leads you down a good wild side. They’re serious about their Barriada land & grapes, as Luís says in the trailer for “Pato Pathos” celebrating his 40th harvest in 2020, “We always have to innovate, always do better, we cannot stop in time.” Well, they’re also serious about having fun and a good laugh, which you can see from Luís’ signature expression of hands/palms up by his ears & tongue out in silliness in pics and on his “Pato Rebel” bottle. There’s even a t-shirt which if I can find out where to buy one, will proudly wear because in all ways, the Duck is magic!

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Festive Redemption

De Stefani
Refosco 2021
100% Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso
Veneto IGT
Sustainable, Biodiversity Friendly, indigenous yeasts, no added sulfites (which they are very proud of and I applaud)
Fossalta di Piave, Veneto, Italy
Alessandro De Stefani (4th generation)

Deep royal ruby. Sniffing and there’s cherry with a creaminess at the start, then all of a sudden blackberries bounce out, and after a good bit of air a raspstrawberry blend, licorice, pinch of cedar/pine needles, and as it continues it’s softer and more gentle. Now tasting those blackberries again with a little boysenberry, dried & tart cherries, Baker’s chocolate bite, a single pine needle that winks and then disappears, and a little dried fig too w a touch of balsamic reduction. A glassful that’s dry, rich and perfect for my evening with a good book.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly smooth and beautiful

The Redentore line of De Stefani wines honor Venice’s yearly “Festa del Redentore” that celebrates the end of the 1575-57 plague (who wouldn’t want to celebrate post such an horrific time of illness, death & grief). Started as a religious festival/feast and a promise to God to build a the Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore (Church of the Most Holy Redeemer), it’s now a beautiful weekend (3rd in July) that is filled with fireworks that people will talk about for ages, incredible food, music, boat parties & historic ships, festive decorations, and a city filled with joy and of course wine. 🍷 If you want to get a quick glance of 2022’s locals and tourists partying down, check out Venezia Unica’s clip.

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Hands On

Finca Mas Perdut
Mà de Mas Perdut 2021
Penedés DO
Organic, stainless steel, 5 days skin contact, indigenous yeasts
50% Xarel.lo Vermell, 25% Garnatxa Blanca, 25% Macabeu
Santa Oliva, Baix Penedès, Catalonia, Spain
WInemakers: Josep Ma Rosell Gracia & Rebeca Ollé

Amber warmth. Let it breathe…a while. After giving it some space, scents of lilacs, wisteria, orange blossoms float up along with orange & zest, tangelo, earth, and a bit of memory of Yellowstone’s paint pots mixed with fresh cut grass. Sipping a mishmash of all sorts of citrus, a wedge of lime, puff of funky smoke & sprig of hay that fades, tart green apple, salt, and as it grows a back of perfume dancing on the back. Just vibrant and lively.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ick sour

This bottle immediately got my attention with an IG post…the medical illustration of that hand! Once I fancied going down that artistic route, sigh. Turning away from dreams of past and back to the wine and this family. They’re 5th generation growers, and in 2010, Josep went down the winemaking route, later to be joined by Rebeca after these two oenologists fell in love. Grapes aren’t alone on the farm though, there’s also almonds, olives, veggies and they live off their land. Nothing like the satisfaction of growing your own food. I remember working my tail off in our crops and even as a young kid feeling some pride that I watched everything grow from seed to our table. Can only imagine the elation this couple feels after each harvest, fermentation, bottling and finally when the time is just right tasting a glass that sums up their knowledge, passion, and hand in the whole process. Must be absolutely amazing.

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Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Teres Primitivo 2020
Primitivo Racemi 100%
Puglia IGT
Organic, sustainable, solar power, dry farmed
Gioia delle Colle, Puglia, Italy

Brilliant shining stained glass cranberry and cherry cocktail mix. Pull the cork and it’s butterscotch that merges into a basket of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and add in some gentle cherry. As it grows there’s a teeny tiny reminder of my Great-Aunt Parnice’s buttercream frosting. She was such an amazing professional baker and never failed to make me a special December birthday cake of green velvet which were occasionally decorated with my Star Wars action figures. Han and Leia just had to deal with frosting on their shoes. Sipping and oh this is just delicious! I almost don’t want to think and just enjoy. Opened at 58F but could even have a little more chill if it’s warm outside. There’s cherries and it’s full of bouncing berries. You know like strawberries (fresh and a smidge preserves), blueberries, raspberries, a little tart plum (that would go great in a cobbler) with a spark in the back of something herby. Can you tell I’m in full holiday mode?

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: richer with a bit of dried fruit

This is my 2nd Fatalone, and again it’s another “Great Seducer” (check out previous post). It pairs well with kissing the dishy brooding one you’ve had your eye on under the mistletoe…or if that’s not in the picture this year, hang onto the bottle (chill it a little more) till the seasons gets warmer again when you can do a cannonball in the pool. Either way, I am still fascinated with their piping in classical music and nature sounds (wind, rustling leaves, rain, and birdsongs) into their soundproofed cellar for the sake of the micro flora. They believe the soft vibrations will improve its activity. Hey post this hectic holiday rush, I could use a few hours alone sitting in the dark with all that ambiance too. Sounds so peaceful, dreamy and relaxing…and I think I’ll open up a bottle while drifting in the cave too. 🍷

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Culinary Pampering

Štekar Wines
Sıvı Pinot 2019
100% Sivi Pinot (Pinot Gris)
Goriška Brda Z.G.P.
Kojsko, Littoral, Slovenia
Organic, biodynamic
Winemaker: Jure Štekar

Copper color like one of those beautiful old bowls Julia Child used to whisk away in. Wafts of orange, grapefruit, melon, and a little fresh grass. Lots of fruit dance on my tongue. There’s an orange melon of some sort, pear but crisp and almost not fully ripe, and as it opens peaches come forward with smoke, Also a bitter herb that I am having trouble pinpointing. This beautiful glass just feels creamy and mellow. Lovely.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: turns the bitter herb into rosemary

Štekar Wines is fairly young but they are one of the first wineries in Slovenia certified biodynamic. Along with the vineyard, they also have a farm, the main house with rooms to stay over and a whole agrotourism package. You can stay, view the beautiful countryside, taste their wines, join them in the kitchen to learn their recipes, and get as they call it, “Culinary Pampering”. The pics of their dishes look absolutely amazing and creative. Oh, please scroll down and look at those cakes! They look heavenly, and I feel pounds adding to my thighs just looking at them. Most of the ingredients from vegetables, fruits, and meat are from the farm, or if they don’t have it they reach out to organic producers. They sum up it all best, “Visit us and participate in the unforgettable experience of the wonderful Goriška Brda hills and the magic of our climate.” Oh, I so wish I could be there. We could all need a little magic right now!

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The Great Seducer

Bianco Spinomarino
Greco 2019
100% Greco
Puglia I.G.T.
Gioia delle Colle, Spinomarino, Puglia, Italy
Organic, dry farming, sustainable, green manure, and zero emission
Winemaker: Pasquale Petrera

Pale pretty yellow with a little haze. It’s like a fresh breeze of roses, lilies (not overly heavy), lilacs, and honeysuckle. It’s a unique and beautiful mouthful of honeydew, peaches, pear, honeysuckle nectar, honey fresh from my great grandfather’s hives, and a spice that could be a hint of thyme. This is total enchantment.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Nope! Absolutely not!!! It kills all the ethereal angelic flavors

Fatalone has been around since the 1800s but didn’t starts bottling till 1987. Everything else was bring your own bottle and fill’er up. Spinomarino is their only white wine, and those vines were not planted till 1990. Such a beautiful exotic heady and very unique wine. Kind of fits their name Fatalone. Filippo Petrera was the 2nd generation of this family and had the nickname of Il Fatalone which pretty much translates to “Lady Killer” or seducer. Throw in a bottle of this in a special someone’s Christmas stocking, and I bet you may have a fun night on your hands. Pivoting my head from these thoughts lest I get put on Santa’s naughty list. The winemakers also go above and beyond in making sure the grapes have the utmost care throughout the whole process. They even went as far as soundproofing the cellar and piping in classical music and nature sounds. Now that’s quite a spa treatment.

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