Le Pianate
Un Paio 2016
Umbria Italy
Sagrantino 50%, Sangiovese 30%, Merlot 20%
Winemaker Andrea Trulli
Biodynamic and organic

Pour and it’s a shining ruby star. Inhale and there’s cherries, plums, apple blossoms (just like the ones from the orchard I grew up in), orange, and some earth/smoke. Take a sip and here’s the tart cherries, raspberries, strawberries, a touch of orange, some white pepper and a mix of earth, spice, and butter. Fits like a glove and makes me want more. I have to watch myself because I could totally drink this whole bottle.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: smooth sweetness with a touch of orange peel and flowers

Full disclosure: I stuck to my usual rules, and did not google the winery before the tasting post was finished because I want to write with no outside influence. Afterward, I always like to find out who the winemaker is, what the area looks like, etc. Oh man, was I surprised. I have known Andrea for years. He always mentioned his grapes, but never ever told me the name of his wine. What a kind, sweet, unassuming, and extremely talented guy. Andrea keep up the good work!

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