Satisfying My Sweet Tooth

Timber Ales
Lumberjack Style
Imperial Stout
Aged on Coffee and Maple Syrup
12% ABV
North Haven, CT
Brewer: Jason Stein

Deepest dark chocolate thick (think motor oil-esque) pour with medium milk chocolate looking tiny rim of bubbles. Breathing in dark chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Also coffee, caramel, and maple. Pretty true to the label. Oooooh this tastes like delicious dark chocolate from Belgium, serious toasty coffee, maple, caramel, and something nutty like Nutella hazelnut. It’s sweet and bitter, and downright delicious. It’s like someone bought me the perfect box of chocolates (not what you pick up randomly at Duty Free), and sorry, I’m not sharing with anyone.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: coffee forward and bitter and still good, but I prefer before the Cheez-It. No one gets between me and my dark chocolate.

Bet you thought I was going to post a particular Monty Python video, but then I remembered this classic by the “Man in Black”.

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