Making My Day!

La Battagliola
Gran Pignoletto DOC Millesimato
Spumante Brut
100% Pignoletto
Sustainably produced
Piumazzo, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Owner & wine family: Alberto Salvadori and his children (Beatrice & Tommaso)

Deep gold (kind of the color of an IPA/lager not hazy blend that my friend Bob orders at The Gutter) with active bubbles tracing continents on the top. Breathing in and it starts off with a vanilla puff on the first pop that turns into memories of Mom’s pineapple meringue pie, firm pears, golden delicious apples that as it lingers takes on a little caramelization, teeny tiny lemon tingle, and old time Texas toast that goes brioche. Going in for the sip and again there’s pears, my favorite apples with that crunch, sliver of pineapple & a little of it grilled, a tiny drop of honeysuckle in the back with a bit of lemon sizzle that happily grows to a perfect balance, and a touch of that toast reappears here and there.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: good but better without

I just love learning how people end up living the life of the vine, but I will admit sometimes I am a bit jealous. How wonderful it would be to inherit like Alberto and end up with their mother’s country house and realize your life is going to change. He went from logistics to farming! Once again another wine family living the dream. Just makes me smile and yes, yearn for that lifestyle. Oh and they’ve given me a little wine education from this bottle since this my first Pignoletto. Turns out after some genetic testing this grape is also known as Grechetto Gentile (or di Todi) which I have met in the past. So pleased to meet you Pignoletto through such an addictive delicious sparkler. You’ve made my day much brighter and lighter! 🥂

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