Love Can Lead To Controversy

Viña Laurent
Polemico País 2022
150 year old ungifted vines, organic
Secano Interior, Valle del Itata, Chile
Winemakers: Damien & Lorena Laurent

Ruby cranberry cocktail. My nose is first hit with blossoms & smoky toasty goodness that lead to ripe & dried cherries with a light creaminess at first that hides later. Sipping lovely cherries, smoke that fades as time goes by and goes a little nutty, tart plums, dried cranberries, and as opens raspberries breeze in along with strawberries, a blackberry bite & a few blueberries dropped in, and an herby bit of thyme and/or smidge of anise. Overall light, chillable (just a little), and even with the name “Polemico”, there’s nothing controversial going on here…just damn good wine!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yummy

Oh País, how you’ve made me love you over the years. Speaking of love…while Lorena was on vacation in France where as she says, she found her winemaking “prince charming” and now she & Damien are keeping the ❤️ &🍷going in Chile. Their words explain it best, “We seek to do what we like, to express our passion, to make wines with a soul, with our own identity, we do not seek to be pretentious in it, it is simply to look for and interpret what nature gives us. That is why our wines are different every year, every year the imprint that nature wanted to leave us is impregnated and therefore as a result what matters most to us is to share our wines.”

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