Like Father, Like Son(s)

Casa Favöt
Croatina, Barbera
Natural wine, sustainable agriculture
Oltrepó Pavese (PV), Italy
Owners: Fraschini Family

Deep ruby/purple with only a tiny bubbly tingle. Sniffing and there’s a balsamic whiff at first that fades and turns into dark plums, dried cherries, and blackberries. It’s rustic and charming…kind of like it can be your comfy jeans & tight t-shirt you love to kick back in or a night on the town in sequins. Light tingly on my tongue with lively cherry, raspberries & blackberries, as it opens strawberries and blueberries shine, and then there’s a little edge of bitter bite to even all out. Fun fruit and still dry. Has my lips vibrating.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s ok but better without, so NAH

As they say, “like father, like son…”while actually this time it’s like the whole family. Before Casa Favöt became known for their wine, everything produced was mainly for their family until Alfredo Fraschini decided to try his hand at it and realized, “hey, this stuff is really good”. Off to the market they went, and off to wine studies for his son Emilio, who is now in charge and has also included his wife and sons (Giulio & Enrico who are also studying to keep the tradition moving forward). It’s like each generation is born already passionate for their Oltrepó Pavese roots. 🍷

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