Expanding Education

Fondazione Edmund Mach
Müller Thurgau 2020
Trentino DOC
San Michele all’Adige, Italy
Winemaker & professor: Enrico Paternoster

Shining straw yellow/green. Scents immediately pop up of fresh sliced honeydew & cantaloupe, a citrus blend, lovely magnolias & a breeze of butterfly lilacs…just refreshing. Sipping and here comes bright citrus that sizzles on the back, mix of melons, cucumber, mellow & crisp pears, white peaches, and honeysuckle. It’s crisp yet luscious…it’s a glass of spring (which I so need right now) that’s sealed with a flirty kiss.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: pretty good

When I opened this bottle, I didn’t know the education that came with it. Turns out it all started back in 1874, with a different name “Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige”. Now as “Fondazione Edmund Mach” they are still researching & conducting experiments, nurturing indigenous grapes, developing the best ways to farm & protect the vines and other fruits while still ensuring the quality of their land & wine, and you can also get a PhD with them. Actually the deeper I dig through their site, the more impressed and somewhat overwhelmed I get because they are truly innovative, dedicated and award winning (2022, The Bernard Blum Award for their research for the “Shindo Trap” that captures a detrimental & invasive stink bug by vibrations & pheromones instead of using pesticide. Now how cool is that!). Pulling myself away from this rabbit hole of wonderment, and reminding myself to just kick back, and enjoy this bottle because it’s one of their special, delicious & elegant gifts to the world.

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