Like Father, Like Son(s)

Casa Favöt
Croatina, Barbera
Natural wine, sustainable agriculture
Oltrepó Pavese (PV), Italy
Owners: Fraschini Family

Deep ruby/purple with only a tiny bubbly tingle. Sniffing and there’s a balsamic whiff at first that fades and turns into dark plums, dried cherries, and blackberries. It’s rustic and charming…kind of like it can be your comfy jeans & tight t-shirt you love to kick back in or a night on the town in sequins. Light tingly on my tongue with lively cherry, raspberries & blackberries, as it opens strawberries and blueberries shine, and then there’s a little edge of bitter bite to even all out. Fun fruit and still dry. Has my lips vibrating.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s ok but better without, so NAH

As they say, “like father, like son…”while actually this time it’s like the whole family. Before Casa Favöt became known for their wine, everything produced was mainly for their family until Alfredo Fraschini decided to try his hand at it and realized, “hey, this stuff is really good”. Off to the market they went, and off to wine studies for his son Emilio, who is now in charge and has also included his wife and sons (Giulio & Enrico who are also studying to keep the tradition moving forward). It’s like each generation is born already passionate for their Oltrepó Pavese roots. 🍷

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Helping Out Dad

Poderi Vaiot
100% Barbera
Barbera D’Alba DOC
Aged in apricot wood casks
Montà, Cuneo (Roero Hills), Piedmont, Italy
Owners: Daniele and Walter Casetta

Deep ruby with blue pops. At first that gentle butter/caramel whiff that waves bye, then cherries, plums, raisins, sultry dried figs, blackberry, and a nice grind of black pepper. Sip and there’s cherry with some oomph & plums, blackberry brambly, dried cherries & blueberries, raisins, a little date (dinner & movie anyone), black pepper, and a teeny smidge of cardamom the more it opens.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: richer, deeper and dried fruit

Daniele and Walter are the 3rd generation of this winemaking family. Their dad Franco taught them early on how to work with the grapes and care for the land. Daniele recounts in one of their winery videos, memories of when they were kids they would “help” out their dad in the cellar. Even if it is true as Daniele says that they may have been adding to their father’s work, it was definitely not a waste of time. Everything he imparted throughout the years has paid off and these brothers are keeping his memory and dream moving forward.

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Intriguing Melody

Cascina I Carpini
Rosato Frizzante Pet Nat NV
Organic, holistic, vegan
Pozzol Groppo, Piedmont, Italy
Founder/winemaker: Paolo Carlo Ghislandi

Late sunset warm red and orange electric with tiny bubbles. It’s like breathing in a glass of fun. There’s a squeeze of blood orange, salt rim, a touch of natural funk that merges to a mineral vibe with depth, and raspberries and strawberries grooving together with white pepper, and as it warms and grows  tiny rose blooms. Those strawberries and raspberries are still dancing but this time on my tongue joined with a little young gooseberry pucker & smidge of lemon spritz spark, and that white pepper pinch again. My lips are tingling from this crisp/vibrant party.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: bleh goes too tangy. Leave it solo.

It’s all about watching, listening, and waiting for Paolo Carlo Ghislandi. Before he even chose where he would establish his winery and vineyards he considered the perfect spot, the right grapes, how to get it to work together naturally, and let it guide the path to wine. His site details his vision & process (and boy is it well designed and beautifully written). Just read this little passage because anything I write will not do it justice to his creative eloquence. “In wine I always look for the fruitiness typical of the single grape varietal and the expression of the territory where is harvested. I imagine the must is the assembly of all the strings inside the grand piano case. Experimenting over the years, I noticed there is big difference in the sound output when the “must” is performed using selected yeast rather than indigenous yeasts. The indigenous yeasts, being heterogeneous and different from each other, are able to play from lower to higher tones with all semitones, providing a melody not immediately recognizable, but more complex and intriguing. And that’s why I choose to use only indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentations.”

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An Enticing Siren’s Call

Forlorn Hope
Queen of the Sierra
Estate Red Wine 2018
Zinfandel, Barbera, Tempranillo, Trousseau noir, and Mondeuse
Rorick Heritage Vineyard
Calaveras County, CA, USA
Organic, hand-harvested, spontaneous fermentation, native yeasts, unfiltered and unfined
Winemaker: Matthew Rorick

Shimmering raspberry color like a piece of a stained glass window. Fragrances emerge immediately and continue to grow of raspberries, cherries, gooseberries, lemon zest, some Mediterranean spice, blueberries, and a bit of earth. Here comes a delicious sip of raspberries and cherries (again, and juicy splash of summertime watermelon, It’s light and fun! Next is citrus zest with a tiny burn in the back of my mouth, a waaaay easy drinker that also has that bit of earth but not heavy, and at end there’s some surprising radicchio. This bottle is like a siren’s call luring me to summer, tank tops, shorts, and a day traipsing on the beach and listening to the waves.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Just don’t do it. Don’t ruin your beautiful day!

As I mentioned on my last Queen post, Forlorn Hope pulls for the outsiders and long shots. They also believe in great causes and now sport a list on their site, if you want to join them in their support of human rights. As they say, “Neither our industry nor our country will be great until ALL people are treated fairly with compassion, empathy, love and equity. Keep fighting.” Choose love, choose hope, and while you may not be able to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes; you may be able to learn and show you care.

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Follow the Moon

Hilberg Pasquero
29.5 Per Alessandra
Barbera d’Alba 2016
100% Barbera
Vino Rosso
Priocca, Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy
Biodynamic, organic, sustainable farming, and native yeasts
Winemaker couple: Miklo and Annette (Hilberg) Pasquero

Dark violet velvet drapery. Breathing in cherry, plum, cinnamon and a warm hug. Post hug you’re gifted a bouquet of wild flowers and something rustic like tobacco or dried apple leaves on the ground. Elegant and touch rugged on my tongue at the same time. There’s silky cherry, rustic plum, blackberries, and leather. The word I absolutely hate to use for wine…it’s sexy…I’d say let’s all take a roll in the hay but none of that funky stuff in this one.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: of all it’s more leather (thwack and SMack) and still smooth

29.5 get’s it’s namesake from the lunar phase cycle which is 29.5 days from New Moon to New Moon. So much of our own existence is governed by these cosmic push an pulls. Throughout history farmers used cycles to decide when to plant, when to grow, when to pick, when to harvest and even when to bottle. Some people think nah, this has to do with pagan traditions, but the more I read about biodynamic farming, it seems pretty sound to me. The days in the cycle have groupings of root, flower, leaf and fruit. Fruit days are supposed to be when time for winemaking is at its best and that period just happens to fall into the fire signs. Since I’m a Sagittarius, does that mean that I may have a winemaking adventure in my future? Or does that just mean I should open a special bottle on my birthday….which is coming up pretty soon…hint, hint, hint.

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Absolutely All Natural

Vino Rosso “Agricolae” 2018
Alfiano Natta, Italy
100% Barbera
Organic (certified) and biodynamic (but not certified, because getting certified costs a pretty penny)
Winemaker: Luigi Armanino

Shining dark velvet ruby. Oh here come the lovely cherry scents, plums, light earth, and berries of all sorts from strawberries to blue berries and cherry Jolly Rancher. Nice powerful feel rolling around in my mouth. There’s cherries, plums (dancing in my head), faint raspberries, and a touch of orange. Natural darkness and rosemary that turns into sweet loving velvety embrace. This will keep all the extended family, friends, and in-laws happy and away from political discussions during the holiday season. Whether online or in person, they will be too busy talking about how much they love this wine.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nice pair. A little more earthy and more bitter herbs

Crealto’s owners, Eleonora Costa and Luigi Armanino, made a decision in 2013, that I’m starting to see in many natural winemakers. They bucked the AOC panel and went with declassifying their wines, so they can stay true to their vinification path. They also have rooms to stay over and from what I’m seeing a beautiful restaurant with a very reasonably priced tasting menu. Everything is grown by them or either locally sourced and organic. The wholemeal flours and oils are even made on their farm. Just scrumptious all around!

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