Fresh and Foxy

Terra di Briganti
Coda di Volpe 2019
100% Coda di Volpe
Benevento Campania Italy
Organic, biodynamic and vegan

Cloudy orange goldness and tiny bubbles cling to the glass. Go in for the sniff and wow, honeysuckle and spring grass, then a hint of vanilla cookie, smoke, and a splash of cola.  This is delightful. Swirl and sip. There’s honey, a light citrus tingle, smoke and light citrusy and tangerine tingle with a dash of smoke and salt. This is one sleek, sly, fun fox.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: tangerine mellowness continues

The more you know: Coda di volpe means tail of the fox, which refers to how this type of grape looks on the vine growing in a long tail-like bunch.

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