Bubbling Romance

Château de Minière
Bulles de Minière
100% Cabernet Franc
Sparkling Red Wine
Organic Agriculture Ecocert, HVE
Bourgueil, Loire Valley, France
Kathleen Van den Berghe & Sigurd Mareels

Deep maroon purple with pretty in pink bubbles. At first sniff there’a a bit of creaminess (kind of Oreo center) followed quickly by raspberries, fresh picked pink & red strawberries, boysenberries, spring house mineral fresh, cherries, tiny tarty plum, and after a bit a bouquet of spring flowers pop up. Sipping raspberries, blackberries & seeds, blueberries, strawberries, dried cherry & cranberry, a touch of lemon spark in the back and a crisp end. This bubbly is pure romance, so go ahead and shoot that arrow…through my heart!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out a bigger depth of berries

Well, this is truly a bottle of romance…after honeymooning Kathleen & Sigurd (originally from Belgium) began searching for a vineyard to call their own. Once they saw Château de Minière, well just take a look at the site for yourself, the home and grounds are just gorgeous (it’s like living in a fairytale setting), and has centuries of history with women at the helm of the manor. Kathleen has joined that line, not only with rejuvenating the castle while keeping it true to its historic roots, but also tending to the environment and all that resides in it. Even with the organic & biodynamic you would expect for the vines, there’s also a LPO bird sanctuary, bee hives, rainwater recovery, and more. Oh and not to be forgotten, “Careful thought has been given to the bottling of the wine, for instance: lightweight bottles, unbleached cardboard, strict traceability of corks, nothing is left to chance.” What started out in my mind as a bottle of romance, I now see as a beautiful passionate labor of love. ❤️

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