Bark (or Howl) at the Moon


Folias de Baco
Uivo Curtido Branco 2019
100% Moscatel Galego

Turn my glass in the sunshine, and it’s a murky swampy peachy gold. Inhale and this is definitely not a funky marsh. Instead it’s tangerine, orange blossoms and a sea breeze. Here goes the first sip…Well that was a fun slap in the face. Tangy and zingy! Multiple citrus flavors pop, but especially grapefruit. There’s an IPA thing going on here, and some salt, granite, and spring flowers. This is one complicated wolf, and I want to run free with it.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Brings out the IPA grapefruit and the delicate sweet floral. Loving it

The more you know: Uivo in Portuguese means howl so enjoy this pack

and of course the obligatory Ozzy

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