Following The Sun

Cantina Canu
Bibi 2020
Cannonau di Sardegna Rosato DOC
Hand harvested
Luogosanto, Sassari, Sardegna, Italy
Family winery; Co-founder: Carla Cualbu

Pretty dancing pink coral. Giving it a sniff and raspberries & light grapefruit breezing in along with salt, rained on granite on a spring day, and a bit of smoke or peat. Sip and zing! That sure wakes up my mouth with lovely raspberries, tiny wild strawberries, light citrus mix twang, a lick of granite, and a smoke hint on the back mixed with salt. As time goes by it’s lively, fresh and goes smooth only to have the zing zip awakened again.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly delightful…ramps all the flavors up a notch

I wonder if I hold this wine glass up to my ear, can I hear the ocean because this rosé sure takes me right to a sun drenched beach. Oh Bibi, you are sweeping me right through a fast spring and then a let’s party summer vibe! So glad I waited to try you last out of the 3 bottles of nicknames (previous ones: Deispanta & Porteddu). Evidently Carla’s sister Clara was dubbed this as a tot since it was the first word to pop out of her mouth. Such an infectiously joyful sound when you say it over and over. Just try it! Or just grab another glass and join me following the sun. ☀️

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