Naturally Engineered

Pinot Noir 2014
McMinnville AVA
Biodynamic, native yeasts
McMinnville, Oregon
Owners: Moe & Flora Momtazi and their 3 daughters: Tahmiene (winemaker), Naseem (sales manager), Hanna (events & hospitality)

Ruby stained glass beauty. Breezing in are fresh & dried cherries, puff of smoke, plums, prunes, very ripe strawberries, roses, and dried marjoram. Tip and tasting cherry, a tobacco tingle, prunes, singed orange zest, raspberry, rhubarb, a pinch of earth, and a good berry darkness. Alive, bright and smooth all at the same time and stays that way over several days.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmm silky

“Pure, female-made biodynamic wines: grown with intention, crafted in harmony with the land we farm.” Reading a statement like that always piques my curiosity, so I wondered about how did the parents of these brilliant young women start this wine dream, and it was more than I expected. Moe was originally from Iran, but had come to the U.S. for an engineering degree, and after finishing he returned home with his wife Flora in 1978. I was a kid back then and remember my parents having the news on at dinner and hearing about unrest and upheaval and then the “Iran hostage crisis” so I can’t imagine how their family felt when they knew it was time to leave. Luckily they did get political asylum in the U.S. and in 1997, they bought their farm because it turns out Moe did have more than just an engineering background…his dad and grandfather both used to make wine. From the start they were dedicated to biodynamic, so as for the pesky weeds…no problem just plough and turn the earth over and over and let it rejuvenate. Also instead of chemicals they use natural tea concoctions. As they say”90% of the winemaking is in the vineyard”, and it’s so gloriously natural with such a delicious outcome!

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