Who Needs an Estate?

The Austin Winery
Malvasia Bianca 2019
100% Malvasia
Grapes sourced from Nogalero Estate Vineyards
Texas High Plans
All native, low intervention
Winery in “The Yard”, South Austin, TX

Hazy golden and a little sediment so give that bottle a twirl as pouring. The moment it hits my nose…BOOM and it’s everything! There’s heady peaches and magnolias, pears, honeysuckle, and tangerine. It’s so fragrant. There’s also a little allspice, salt, and a smidge of smoke. Sip and I’m tasting all of the scents and a bit more smoke. Add to that a little bit of Skittles (taste the rainbow), a tiny bit of super duper ripe cucumber, a citrus back kick that include a lovely Valencia orange & a little ruby grapefruit and as it grows apricots, and a smidge of apple pie spice in the back.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: really good. Don’t know how to explain it

The Austin Winery’s site says they are self-funded and self taught, which I guess makes them the “outsider artists” of winemaking, and I’m a huge fan of outsider artists. Their space isn’t your usual estate, but tucked into a warehouse district in South Austin, and they source the best grapes from Texas vineyards they trust. Back to the art part, they have such a passion for what goes into the bottle, and they also feel the same about the label. I’ll admit, when I saw the jackrabbit on this Malvasia, I was instantly intrigued. Turns out they work with the artist Nic Mathis, who has Synesthesia (I’ve know a few artists with this and their work has all been amazing), which is where you experience one sense through another. I could try to describe his work, but it’s better just to see it yourself, here (I really wish they would make t-shirts from the label art, so if you do I promise to buy some). He’s so damn talented! Actually they all are so talented and cheers to their hard work!

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