46 + 46 + 13 = ???

Southold Farm + Cellar
Basics of Life 2019
Red blend
Touriga Nacional 46%, Dolcetto 46%, Mataro 13%  (It’s what it says on the bottle)
Native yeasts, unfined, unfiltered
Texas Hill Country
Fredericksburg, Texas

Hazy ruby plum. Scents bouncing around of raspberries, cherries…(sound of car wheels screech!!!) holy crap! It’s filled with hay and vinegar. Sip and oh lord! Sigh…hoping my next encounter is better. I should have taken the back label as a sign since it’s 105% grapes. 🤣 For the record, I’ve had other Southold wines that have been absolutely fab, but sadly this was just an off bottle. Hey, it happens 🤷‍♀️

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Who Needs an Estate?

The Austin Winery
Malvasia Bianca 2019
100% Malvasia
Grapes sourced from Nogalero Estate Vineyards
Texas High Plans
All native, low intervention
Winery in “The Yard”, South Austin, TX

Hazy golden and a little sediment so give that bottle a twirl as pouring. The moment it hits my nose…BOOM and it’s everything! There’s heady peaches and magnolias, pears, honeysuckle, and tangerine. It’s so fragrant. There’s also a little allspice, salt, and a smidge of smoke. Sip and I’m tasting all of the scents and a bit more smoke. Add to that a little bit of Skittles (taste the rainbow), a tiny bit of super duper ripe cucumber, a citrus back kick that include a lovely Valencia orange & a little ruby grapefruit and as it grows apricots, and a smidge of apple pie spice in the back.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: really good. Don’t know how to explain it

The Austin Winery’s site says they are self-funded and self taught, which I guess makes them the “outsider artists” of winemaking, and I’m a huge fan of outsider artists. Their space isn’t your usual estate, but tucked into a warehouse district in South Austin, and they source the best grapes from Texas vineyards they trust. Back to the art part, they have such a passion for what goes into the bottle, and they also feel the same about the label. I’ll admit, when I saw the jackrabbit on this Malvasia, I was instantly intrigued. Turns out they work with the artist Nic Mathis, who has Synesthesia (I’ve know a few artists with this and their work has all been amazing), which is where you experience one sense through another. I could try to describe his work, but it’s better just to see it yourself, here (I really wish they would make t-shirts from the label art, so if you do I promise to buy some). He’s so damn talented! Actually they all are so talented and cheers to their hard work!

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