When Is An Orange Really An Orange?

Matchbook Distilling Co.
“Orange Wine”
Sparkling wine from Mango Oranges (via Flavors by Bhumi), with Honey, Milk Oolong & Mallorca Melon Tea
6% ABV
Greenport, NY
Owner/Distiller: Leslie Merinoff

Hazy warm golden with some spritz bubbles. Sniff and oh yes this is natural. There’s oranges with zest and later blossoms, some smoky blend of other citrus too, honeycomb, hibiscus as time goes by, and a little good funkaliciousness. Sipping a delicious orange seltzer snap with a natural vibe. It’s crisp and tingly with a bit of creamy or orange creamsicle feel, still some of that smoke/honeycomb mellowness, and just really super fresh. Make sure it’s really chilled and drink asap.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh ick no

When is an “orange wine” really an orange wine? Ok, so this isn’t what we normally think of as that good ol’ skin contact vino. Leslie of Matchbook wanted to use the”O” word on a riesling bottle, but was thwarted by govt. guidelines. Let me just quote from her, “the federal government regulators believe strongly that a drinker seeing “Riesling Orange Wine” would communicate the presence of actual oranges in said bottle of wine. And therefore, the descriptor ‘orange wine’ in the United States has been prohibited…” So when life tells you have to use oranges, don’t just make orangeade…be like Leslie and make a truly fun 🍊sparkler (pssst you can also make some snazzy cocktails with it too).

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