Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Lesehof Stagård
Goldberg 2016
100% Riesling
Kremstal DAC
Krems/Stein a. Danube, Austria
Winemakers: Urban and Dominique Stagård

Warm golden glass. Floating in are apples & pears and their blossoms too, along with butterfly lilacs, and a little chilled pie (like what is so scrumptious for breakfast. Hey, you grow up in an orchard and fruit’s in every B. L. & D.), and a pinch of salt. Sip and again apples, pears, a little honeysuckle nectar but not really that much, a tiny lime spritz, salt, cardamon, lick of granite, and a smoky exhale.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: bright crisp snap

What a piece of history, the cellar has been around for close to 1,000 years, but the family roots came on board in 1786, as Lesehof Tegernseer. Fast forward to the early 1980s and there’s a name change to Lesehof Stagård after Kenneth Stagård married into the family. Now it’s Urban and Dominique and they took everything to the next level by going organic and biodynamic, and their own words some up everything best: “Unlike the generations before us, we wanted to make wines that not only quench thirst, but should also tell about us, our ideas, our vines and vineyards. We immediately switched to organic farming and defined goals that had to be achieved in slow steps. We wanted to make bold, exciting and authentic wines, wines for which evolution and tradition should be two sides of the same coin, wines that should be fun and others that should challenge. And we wanted Riesling.” Also, I think they have brought a lot of joy to this generation. Just check out their 2020 end of harvest dance


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