Keeping My Head Above Water

Nightmare Brewing Company
Triple India Pale Ale brewed with Moshio Salt
Triple Dry hopped with Pacific Sunrise, Talus and HBC 630 hops
11.3% ABV
North Haven, CT
Founder and Phantom Brewer: Billy Powell

Deep hazy orange-golden with a white head that fades. Before even pouring, I can smell pineapple! After it’s in the glass that pineapple is still persistent, and then mango, and tangerine. It’s crisp and fresh and super nose friendly. Sipping that mango and pineapple along with papaya, lychee, and melon…it’s a delicious tropical fruit bowl with a shake of salt (I always put salt on fruit. Makes the flavor pop more). There’s also a little grass hanging out in the back This would be so good with pulled pork or actually pour it over the pork before you start slow cooking it. Yum!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: GROSS! If you could only see how scrunched up my face is.

I’m a saltaholic, but I did not know the history of Moshio salt that ranges back 2,500 years. The labor intensive production had kind of been lost until a 1984 dig on Kami-kamagari isle unearthed a treasure trove of pottery, shakers, and clues to how the salt was derived from the seaweed/seawater process. There’s a modern adaptation now, but it’s still a whole lot of work. Now, to address Mizuharitsuke’s label. That’s a whole other can of worms or seawater. It’s a really truly gruesome form of crucifixion (from Japan) where you’re tied to a cross during low tide and then here comes the waves and then high tide. If lucky you pass on day one, if not…well you might be there a while to think about your transgressions. I think I’ll stay on good behavior while sipping my IPA and keeping my head above water.

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“Then I’m Gonna Kiss Your PINEAPPLE!”

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Pineapple Shake IPA
Hazy Milkshake IPA brewed with lactose, vanilla, and pineapple
Unpasturized, non-homogenized, & brewed fresh
7% ABV
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hazy orange gold that has a lot of active movement and a small white head. Pouring and here comes sniffs of pineapple, tangerine, mango, and a little vanilla. First sip and well that’s a wakeup call and It’s all there… the pineapple, vanilla, and the creaminess. But that’s not all, there’s lemon, kumquats and a sliver of mango. I’m really digging this Milkshake IPA.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: uh no ack horrible

So I find myself trying another SC beer, and man have things changed since I was a kid there. I remember bars not having free pour and having to get mixed drinks made from mini bottles. Now look at my childhood home state. There’re breweries popping up everywhere and they are damn good. Westbrook has a taproom with a rotation of 22 taps, and if you want to just pop by and head home, there’s bottles, cans, and crowlers. There’s one can I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on. They collaborated with the South Carolina Aquarium and made a DIPA “Drinks Well with Otters”. You have to see the video on FB Watch. Oh and for those of you who are worried, as it says in the video, “No otters were intoxicated during the making of this video.”

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Follow That Cat!

Fat Orange Cat
Double Walkabout
Imperial Sour with Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava
8.7% ABV
North Haven, CT

Very thick/hazy orange and guava smoothie pour. Delightful exotic wafts of passion fruit, guava, orange, tiny squeeze of tangerine, and lemon/lime candy. Oh this is absolutely freaking delicious! Passion fruit, Valencia oranges, guava, and that lemon lime squish. This tastes like a perfect beach drink that on the other hand is really healthy and full of vitamin C, but you and I know that this “walkabout” can creep up on you and get you totally tipsy (ok maybe more than a little tipsy). And here’s the thing, I don’t care! I’m on a happy wander through the wild, just following that Fat Orange Cat wherever it leads me.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Pfffft, ack, ack, ack! Noooooo! That was worse than a hairball.

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Seriously, Who Doesn’t Love a Pile of Baby Kittens

Fat Orange Cat
Collaboration with Twelve Percent Project
Baby Kittens
Hazy New England Style India Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
Simcoe, Citra, and Galaxy Hops
East Hampton, CT

Super hazy yellow straw with a fluffy white head. Before even get near it it’s full of hoppity scents, tangerines, citrus zest, mango hints, and fresh cut grass and pine in the back. Kicking this beauty back and it’s smooth with a bitter piney pop, then mango, tangerine, peaches, and papaya. Keep drinking and the bitter chills out. The longer this wriggling baby kitty breathes, I start to think of fruity shortbread cookies.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s ok, but I don’t recommend it. Wait…no, I absolutely do not recommend it. You lose the fruity blend.

Snuggle up with a whole pile of these Baby Kittens. They’re so friendly, easy to drink and are purrfect. I have been soooo waiting to get my hands on one of these ever since I tried their “All The Kool Kats On The Back Of The Bus” in January. Revisited their site this morning and read the news that they are permanently closing their tasting barn, but don’t cry…there is hope and good news! They are reopening online ordering and drive-thru pick up on April 3rd! Also looks like for the big day, they have a treat in a 750 ml bottle of “DREAMBOAT ABBEY Belgian Tripel”. It’s only available at the brewery so get the car ready for a little road trip.

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Nomadic Tropical Trip

Abomination Brewing Company
Tropical Fog
Tropical Edition
Milkshake Style DIPA with Pineapple, Coconut & Milk Sugar
8.6% ABV
Brewed at Twelve Percent Beer Project
New Haven, CT
Co-founders and nomadic brewers: Joe Feldman and Josh Arno

Hazy golden orange murky tropical punch with a active white head, The scents full on hit you as soon as you pop the can. It’s a super cool tropical punch just like the can says…pineapple, coconut, creamy, and a bit hoppy. First sip and damn that is active and is really something. As before there’s pineapples, coconuts, punchy and mellow at same time. Also tangerine, singed orange peels, and a little bitter herby hoppity hop. This should be served out of a coconut with a little umbrella, and don’t forget your sunhat and shades.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Pulls forward the coconut and makes it more bitter, so I have to give it a thumbs down and don’t pair.

So Abomination Brewing, is a nomadic brewery and they love hooking up with like minds and working across the beer community. During our pandemic world, they had to come up with a way to create a social distance collaboration brew with a DDH DIPA, and have a slew of breweries that are joining them and putting their own spin on it too. So check out these on IG: @saintsrowbrewing @KinsmenBrewing @hoofheartedbrewing @henorthbrewery @breakerbrewing @rotundabrewingcompany @evergrainbeer @pilgerruhbrewing @ten7brewingco @frontporchbrewing @tatteredflagbrewery @icarusbrewing @bolerosnort @lost_tavern_brewing I think this is a great way to bring people together even though we are still so far apart. So crack a can and raise a glass to Abomination, their creativity, and their beautiful beers.

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Cheers to Billie!

Fat Orange Cat
Collaboration with Twelve Percent Project
All The Kool Kats On The Back Of The Bus
New England Style India Pale Ale
8.4% ABV
Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Nugget Hops
North Haven, CT

Hazy golden orange with a big frothy head. Inhaling all that NEIPA citrus goodness: grapefruit, tangerine, clementines, orange zest, and pine needles. Tasting all the same citrus fruit goodness again added with pineapple and apricots. Then bitter, pine, herbal (like singed sage) and something a little toasty and dark. A very smooth easy drinker that gives you that delightful tingly feeling on your tongue and lips.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Makes it more herbal and floral…hmmm

I head over to Fat Orange Cat’s site to see how they’re doing and am greeted by a post that says their open air drive-thru is closed till April 2021, but you can still pick up their beers at your local purveyors and also Twelve Percent Project, who works with them on their large batch beers. Their small batches are made back at their brewery East Hampton, CT with great care to their land, their ingredients, local agriculture, and recycling as much as possible. This is a socially conscious brewery that was once overseen by their “brewmaster” and fat orange cat, Billie who is sadly no longer. There are pics of him on their site in case any of you other cat crazy people, like me, would like to see how cute he was. Join me in a little dance for him with G Love & Special Sauce – Back of the Bus.

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Solid Beer with a Purpose

Non Sequitur Beer Project
The Little Dipster
ABV 7%
Hops: Galaxy and XJA 46
Brewed by Keg & Lantern for Non Sequitur Beer Project
Brooklyn, NY
Acquired at Sugarburg

Cloudy straw color with a thick foamy head. After the foam has settled there’s tangerine, grapefruit, peach, and mmmmmm pineapple, and they say candied papaya on the label, but I’m not sure. Also a little funky armpit, but then my S.O. is an IPA drinker so that may be my point of reference. Taking a swig and it’s bitter piney, pineapples, grapefruit and a splash of some other citrus. To me this is more of a solid IPA and not a NEIPA in taste. No matter what, I know my S.O. and his IPA buddies in Cambridge would love this, so crack a can and celebrate summer! Would have also fit in well back in the day at Mugs Alehouse, and their Mystery IPA contest. Man, those were the days.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: does not change it one iota

Non Sequitur Beer Project has been donating to a lot of great causes from New York Immigration Coalition, Planned Parenthood, to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation and more. Check out the rest on their site and help them continue doing the good work!

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