Snappy Wake Up Call

Liten Buffel
Mother Makes Glucose
Dry Sparkling Red 2018
Col Fondo
Bookwood homestead blend
11 varietals of grapes, 2 cultivars of pears, Bookwood Homestead Honey
Organic, biodynamic, foot crushed whole cluster, unfined and unfiltered
Niagara, NY
Winemakers: Patrick Vaughn and Zack Klug

Fine pour of bubbly crushed raspberries. Those raspberries are still there on the nose along with strawberries, lemon zest, and a growing floral like a room full of roses. Again raspberries hit you first in the sip then tart like licking a lemon. Firm pears like the type my granny used to make pear hot pepper relish. That stuff was so delicious and I need to get my hand on that old recipe. Oh, back to the wine, there’s also smoke and sour patch kids. This is like a cider and a sour had a baby.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: blunts some of the tart and sour

Going out of my comfort zone and trying a NY wine. Many, many years ago NY State wines were just not known as the wine to go searching out. Yes, many of us went on wine trails and hit the tasting rooms, but except for some late harvest and ice wines, I just took the rest of it for granted and dismissed them. Well, things have really changed, and I’m late to coming on board so feel free to call me an idiot. Whether it’s climate change, expansion in grapes, or the fact that there are so many more natural wines out there now; I am now fully chastised. Liten Buffel, blew me out of the water with this crazy dry sparkling red. Your whole mouth just erupts in all sorts of flavors and wakes you up. Hats off to y’all! Looking forward to discovering more of your creations.

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