Science As Art

Tessier Winery
Soul Love 2022
65% Riesling, 22% Mourtaou, 11% Négrette, 2% Merlot
Sustainable, certified vegan, sourced thoughtfully, native yeasts, low intervention
Heraldsburg, CA
Founder & winemaker: Kristie Tacey

Electric magenta with a splash of orange sunset. Btw chill this baby. Ok there’s a Hawaiian punch memory from long ago. BTW I really loved that stuff as a kid and ran up quite a bill at Sea World eons ago. I don’t think my parents realized there were no free refills. Sniffing cherry, plum, raspberry, guava, juicy fun. Now onto the taste and there’s flying free deliciousness…cherries, plums, a bowl of berries with some guava again, splash of kiwi & a little light lemon/lime spritz that oddly has a little Boo Berry waving in the distance, and a bit of springhouse mineral to even it out. This is flat out scrumptious, glou glou, and a bring more than 2 bottles worthy.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: brings out the tart

Well, it’s spelled out right on the label, “Science As Art”. Kristie Tacey wasn’t born into the vine life, but ended up there after becoming a published scientist. My S.O. is one too but he went into visual arts which enhance his research & imaging abilities, so I can totally see where this would work so well with Tacey’s vision for her wines. She can look at the full life cycle from the land to the the harvest and which grapes to select…through to the bottle and view it from different angles from logic, sustainability, creative blending, and intuition. The other cool thing about her is she pairs her wines with music (as you can see with this bottle of Bowie’s “Soul Love”) and she has fab taste! Check out her playlist here.

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