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Miles Garrett Wines
Merlot 2018
Willow Creek AVA
Dry farmed, handpicked, organic, natural wine, and animals graze the vineyards
Humboldt County, CA
Winemaker and owner: Miles Garrett

Deep purple with some ruby goodness. This is one of those wines where you take a deep breath and oh this is everything…bright and deep cherries, dark plums/prunes, blueberries, balsamic whiff, vanilla and sugar cookies, an earthy woodsiness, and a little juniper/piney. Sipping and it’s dark and bright cherry, vanilla with a little oak chip, plums, blueberry, blackberry, and a pinch of sugar cookies with just the right amount of that twang to keep it vibrantly dancing on my tongue
delicious! FYI: tasted while watching The Book of Boba (and yes, I ❤️ the series & the ride it’s taking us on. Have heard the complaints and all I can say is…haters gonna hate…and kiss my Bantha).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s actually a really good fit.

Miles Garrett Wines is a family winery with a small team and also some additional WWOOFers. Call me behind the times, but WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is new to me, so smart, needed and cool. It all started back in 1971 (U.K.), and in the U.S. from 2001. It’s a two way street of sustainable farming education. If you’re looking to learn about sustainable/organic farming while having a roof over your head and meals, they’ll find you a host. Hosts impart their knowledge and as they say “teach the next generation of farmers” and benefit from the help in their farm, vineyard, etc. So if you’re interested, check out, and you just might find a new adventure.

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