Playing In The Waves

Las Jaras Wines
Waves Botanical Spritzer
Gruner Veltliner 75%, Albariño 15%, Chenin Blanc 10%
Angelica Root, Juniper, Rose Buds, Green Cardamom, Grapefruit Peel, Rosemary, Coriander, Douglas Fir Needles, Anise, Star Anise, Lemongrass (all organic)
Sebastopol, CA
Winemakers: Joel Burt and Eric Wareheim
Label art: Jen Stark

Pop that chilled can and pour…it’s light gold with green glimmers and a touch of fizz. Inhale a few times and out pops up juniper, cardamom, clove, a light sprig of rosemary, allspice, celery salt, and light white cherry soda. Sipping in the shade and there’s all of the above spices, light grapefruit squeeze with lemon/lime spritz, lemongrass, white & yellow cherries, a basil/mint spark, tiny crack of white pepper, and as it opens Cel-ray. This is very refreshing and tingly, and something about it makes me crave a grilled hot dog and some kielbasa so pack some up for a backyard party and don’t forget to bring a good sharp mustard.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh

Waves is a perfect name for this spritzer, since those flavors/scents just ebb & flow over your tastebuds and tickle your nose. Also very cool pairing with Jen Stark’s artwork bursting with color and life…kind of like a cross between a psychedelic star burst & a reminder of Jasper Johns’ “Target”. There’s nothing static about her work because her vibrant colors that are at times combined with reflective surfaces will draw your eye like a dance throughout the entire piece. Btw I love how Las Jaras finds artists they love for their labels. Check more out here.  🌊

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