A Sultry Night In The Heart Of The City

Swick Wines
City Nights
44% Mourvedre, 36% Grenache Noir, 20% Syrah
Bring it.
Conley Vineyard
Columbia Valley AVA
Yakima, Washington
Certified organic situated at 1600-1700 feet elevation
Bottled & produced Newborn, OR
Winemaker/Proprietor: Joe Swick

Sunset salmon. There’s scents of strawberries (green & pink & red & wild), wild sour grass, lemon spritz, fresh running spring or creek where you turn over rocks looking for crayfish, yellow cherries & plums, a little forest funk, as it opens there’s mild watermelon, and a bit of torn fresh basil. All of the scents are right there in the taste with a whiff of smoke & that lick of rock, salt, and a brighter lemon spark with some orange zest. Lovely and a stand out star!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: berg way too tart…just don’t

I’ve lost track of how many Swick wines I’ve had and honestly each one has brought me joy in one way or another, albeit thoughtful, expressive, or just happy. Their site says this rosé is, “Inspired by the opening track on Allan Holdsworth’s 1989 album Secrets” which I can totally see…well hear and feel, but last night when I was relaxing with a glass in the sultry heat of this city night, I couldn’t help but switch to a heartfelt Mark Eitzel mix. Is he a poet, is he a singer/songwriter or is he just a pure artistic soulful siren? Kind of like Joe’s masterful creative intuitive winemaking touch that always draws me in, so these two just vibe together oh so well or should I say they both “Bring it”. Here’s a set to enjoy while keeping cool on another hot evening with another glass. Cheers!

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