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Stillwater Artisanal
Extra Dry Sake Style Saison
Water, malted barley, sake rice, hops, yeast
Hops: Citra, Hallertau Blanc and Sterling
4.2% ABV
Stratford, CT
Brewer and Owner: Brian Strumke

Golden pear yellow pour with Cava-like bubbles. Before the glass even gets near my nose it’s popping with tangerine, grapefruit, a little pear, serious vibrant tingle, and something lightly toasty. Maybe imagining it but reminds me a little when the rice gets a little crispy at the bottom of Bibimbap. Sipping and they weren’t kidding on the label about extra dry! There’s also light pear and lemon and maybe just the tiniest bit of pineapple. At end a touch of bitter like seared rice or some wood. This is a refreshing wake me up saison that would be great with oysters on the half or some bbq eel, or maybe even better some extremely lip burning hot Thai food.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: IN NO CASE SHOULD YOU PAIR THIS WITH CHEEZ-IT’S! Bleah! Ugh! Don’t do it! No, no, no!

Love the back story of Stillwater. Brian Strumke wasn’t always a brewer, from what I’m reading he was an internationally known DJ. I am still trying to find one of his sets, so if anyone has a link, please send it to me. From there he went from mixing tracks to mixing hops, yeasts, and all other sorts of ingredients in his backyard, and now look where that has him now. Can’t wait to see what brew he has on deck next.

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