Keeping The Tradition

Encostas de Alqueva 
Alentejo DOC
Vinho de Talha Branco 2017
Roupeiro 60%, Diagalves 40%
Douro, Portugal
José Piteira

Amber orange golden pour. Scents of Valencia orange & orange blossoms start out and next up is lemon lime zest & a little singed, roasted pears, something a little green with a touch of wild tiny onions I used to pull as a child and end up with grass stains on my jeans, round apples, and a smidge of sherry. Sip and there’s a whole lotta love/everything, touch of caramel but not overly sweet, a tiny nut, again those pears & apples & some baked, touch of honey and pinch of brown sugar glaze reminding me of cracking the top of a savory creme brûlée I had that was a special made lightly with chive blossoms and I loved it so much I had seconds. Again a touch of that smooth Valencia orange, blossoms & nectar again, blend of zest, tiny almond sliver, and salt.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Brings out all sorts of juicy fruit

Talha wine is more than just the vessel it’s created in…it’s a tradition & natural recipe passed through Alentejo’s generations. All you need is the clay talha (design varies from town to town), grapes (red, white or both), some pushing, patience, trust that everything aligns, and anticipate November 11th, Dia de São Martinho. It’s celebrated like Beaujolais Nouveau day in France, so it’s a time of friends, family, sharing, conversation, chowing down on petiscos & other local eats, checking out each other’s vinho, partying, and maybe even getting down to some dancing. So I’m raising another glass of this Talha Branco to next year’s celebration. Cheers!

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