Just Drink Me

Bodega Frontio
Bébeme 2021
Juan García
D.O. Arribes
Vineyards certified organic, low intervention, native yeasts
Castilla y León, Spain
Thyge (Chus) Benned Jensen

Deep ruby purple. Give it a little cellar chill out time. Scents start popping up of cherries, plums, strawberries with caps, pinch of black pepper, and then a fine jumble of thyme, cloves, anise & ginger. Taking a few sips and it’s so light & graceful yet with strength (you know…iike an ice dancer), cherry, plum & strawbluecranpomrasberry cocktail, a violet or two, herb & spice blend with a grind of pepper & a teeny twist of lime/orange. I ❤️ this wine!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly brings out all the delicate lovely moments even more

Oh, I never tire of hearing of a person finding their dream. Thyge (or as his friends call him: Chus) left his old work life in Copenhagen and followed a glass of wine that led him to Spain. Pretty darn brave without a background or training in the vines, but I guess love & determination can be a recipe for success. He’s now a champion of native grapes and honestly he has romanced Juan García into a true gem. This bottle lured me in and then made me pick up a second one. Just follow the instructions in the name “Bébeme” and “drink me”. 🍷

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