Fortitude + Determination + Family and Friendship = Resilience

Schilling Beer Co.
Resilience American ale project
Milk Stout brewed with coffee
6.3 % ABV
Littleton, NH
Co-founders: Dr. Bruce Cozzens, Jeffrey B. Cozzens, Stuart Cozzens, and John Lenzini

Black coffee pour with a caramel head. Dark coffee and chocolate float out first. Next there’s candy sprinkles like the ones on cupcakes (you know those cupcakes you eat in the dark while watching bad tv you’d never admit in public), brownie edge of pan corner goodness, and a bit of hoppity. Kicking back coffee, chocolate brownies again with more burnt ends, and a touch of vanilla marshmallowy cream. It’s not heavy or thick, very easy to drink, and sweet with a nice bitter bite at the end.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it a lot sweeter

A father, sons, and a best friend came together to make Schilling and Resilience a reality in Littleton. Their backgrounds vary from dad being a retired veterinarian, one son has research published on international security matters, another came from a mix of business and religion studies, and their friend was a chemistry teacher and coach. Other than beer, they also share a love of fishing/fly fishing and their community. Their epically long list of Schilling Beers are influenced from their experiences and flavors of Europe and the brews found there, but Geppetto (even though it’s an Italian name) is from their Resilience line which is dedicated to American ales, hoppiness, and is an expression of the struggles and successes of their making their way in the beer realm. From what I’m reading on the FB page, their resilience is paying off and they hope sometime this month to reopen their brewpub and kitchen for indoor dining. The tasting room and store is already open from 12-8 for beer and their delicious looking pizzas. They’re even looking forward to events from Oktoberfest, their anniversary, and the R.J Schilling Fly Fishing Festival’s charity event. Looks like life is on its way to getting brighter and brighter.

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