For Vino Only

For Vino Only (I love my mom)
Some of you know I recently started “Pairs with Cheez-its”, due to dad sending me 2 boxes in isolation care packages. Well, mom somehow got wind that I was doing this, and sent the pictured bag. My parents don’t have cable or internet, and have no way of following anything I’m doing on social media. They also don’t drink by choice all of their lives and at first were not thrilled when I took a shine to wine. When I opened up this surprise package, it made me cry my eyes out, as you can see why in the pic. Also mom is still fighting stage 3B lung cancer, otherwise known as Adenocarcinoma, which is found in non smokers. I have no idea when I will see them again. If you are with your mom today, or any mom today, hug them hard. Tell them you love them. Happy Mother’s Day to every one! Gotta go and call mom. #mothersday #wine @cheezit @cheezits_official_ #cheezit


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