Float Like a Butterfly

Domaine le Roc des Anges
L’effet Papillon
Cueillette 2019
IGP Côtes Catalanes
Roussillon, France
Biodynamic, sustainable, organic
90% Grenache Blanc, 10% Macabeu
Winemaker Couple: Marjorie and Stéphane Gallet

Light refreshing straw yellow. Post opening tangerine and lemon pop out followed by pear, some salt and ginger. The pears and still here in the first sip along with tangerine, cantaloupe, and light ginger. It’s just silky smooth and fits like an elegant glove that goes all the way up your arm and has those tiny buttons that are just asking to be taken out to the ball.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it all sooooo sweet

Marjorie and Stéphane started from different places yet both in the countryside and a love for outdoors. When they both ended up at agronomy school in Montpellier, a mutual love for horses brought them together. What better way to fall in love, but on horseback. Seriously romantic! Wine love also was thrown into the mix and it grew and after years of learning through teachers, process, curiosity, and from each other, they are now thriving at Domaine le Roc des Anges. It’s rugged northern Roussillon farming, but since they are biodynamic, it brings the best out of the grape. Isn’t it often the case that the more difficult path often produces the best in the end. It also doesn’t hurt that they gently hand harvest when it’s nice and cool. Probably about as gentle as gliding on butterfly wings.

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