Country Wine & a City Snack

United Colors of Wine
Giallo 2019
Albana and Trebbiano Romagnolo
Organic, indigenous grapes, hand harvested, spontaneous fermentation, unfined & unfiltered
Brisighella (Ravenna), Romagna, Italy
Winemakers: Andrea Marchetti & Paolo Babini (Vigne nei Boschi).

Cool it but not too much…say like 58F. It’s a lovely glass of coppery orange/amber. Breathing in a whole lot…there’s orange rinds, apple and some apple cider vinegar twinge, celery, and grass. The apples are back again, along with hazelnuts, caramel, brioche, chamomile, and it has a total Manzanilla vibe waving it’s little scarf at me flirtatiously. A little bIt more and it lightens up and brings in some wild flowers, and is ever evolving. Tasting and that scarf starts waving again. Delightful crunchy apples, rhubarb, a sprinkle of hazelnuts or almonds, grassy/herby/hay/tangy/rustic mix, orange rind, and again a little brioche just a smidge in the back with a apple cider twinge, and white pepper. Smell and taste in total synch.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: I am very scared to try this…ok so it’s good, really good.

So there’s only 501 bottles of 2019’s Giallo. I had no idea! So happy to be one of a few from all over the world. It’s unique and tons of the spirit of the countryside where the Albana and Trebbiano Romagnolo grew in their own separate vineyards. They do get to mix it up together for 90 days with their skins too. Quite a little steel party until the bottling of this new very natural fun baby. I know this would be good with fried sardines, and you may think I’m crazy, but honestly I’m craving a fresh baked extra salty pretzel and a naked dirty water dog. Why not? A country wine for a city snack.

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