Classy Sassy Primitive

Domaine Sébastien David
Primitif 2020
100% Chenin Blanc
Organic, biodynamic
Grapes from Loir-et-Cher
Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, Loire Valley, France
Winemaker: Sébastien David

Warm yellow golden. Sniffing a little funky nature that needs to breathe and opens to brioche, pears, mellow melon, round apples with a lemon & tangelo sparkle, salt, and a mineral rockiness. Sipping pretty pears, apple, a little chalk that hides and waves back at you here and there, lemon squeeze sizzle, honeydew, and toasted breakfast baguette with a little warm of some comfortable spice that has my lips tingling and plumping. Fresh, crisp, friendly and looking for a night looking toward the moon (you know like what Sébastien does with his wines).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out a cider feel

Well, this is a surprise! A Chenin Blanc sparkly from the man known for Cabernet Franc. It may be a different grape but you can feel his winemaking “Hurluberlu” hand (or hands off) in this bottle. So now I wonder about the name, “Primitif”. Is it due to the méthode ancestrale, or the way he  looks back to the past generations (he’s 15th) for guidance and techniques, even though he always has had his eye on the future with going biodynamic and permaculture. Whatever the naming decision, this bottle is pretty darn classy & sassy for a primitive.

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