Channeling My Inner Wolf

Folias de Baco
Uivo “aqua nat”
Aromatised wine-based drink
Field blend
5.5% ABV
375 ml
Organic, unfined & unfiltered
Alijó, Duoro, Portugal
Winemaker: Tiago Sampaio

Glou glouing at first from the bottle and later a good glass pour. Dark rose with electric magenta, a little blood orange, and a little natural detritus at the bottom of the bottle. Taking my nose on a walk through a rose garden along with strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, light blend of citrus zest, and a faint whiff of smoke. Ooh there’s an effervescent tongue tingle leading to a cocktail of cranberry, young strawberry (including caps), raspberry, blackberry with a squish of lemon, and a chew of wild sour grass chewed in my early years stuck in the outfield.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: pretty good

This bottle is like revisiting a comforting friend while still recovering (which I’m still in the process after unexpectedly  getting my bell rung very) and oh does it make me grin albeit painfully since the cuts and bruises are still looking like I went a few rounds with a prize fighter. Hey you should see the other guy. 🤪 Anyway, just like all my Folias de Baco & Uivo encounters I always want to howl their praise and embrace their pack. Cheers to tonight’s (now last week’s) Harvest Moon and channeling my inner wolf!

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