A Little Bottle of Summer

Folias de Baco
Uivo “aqua nat”
Aromatised wine-based drink
Field blend
5.5% ABV
375 ml
Organic, unfined & unfiltered
Alijó, Duoro, Portugal
Winemaker: Tiago Sampaio

Pop that cap and either pour or drink straight from the bottle. Dark rose with electric magenta and s little natural detritus at the bottom of the bottle. Taking my nose on a walk through a rose garden along with strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and a faint whiff of smoke. Ooh there’s an effervescent tongue tingle leading to a cocktail of cranberry, young strawberry, blackberry with a squish of lemon, and a chew of wild sour grass from back in my youthful country living days.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yummy!

Folias de Baco’s wines have never let me down, and I’m known to “howl” my praise. This easily portable, fresh, crisp & fun bottle with one fine label, is your new summertime buddy (definitely not your mama’s 1980s wine cooler, that honestly I couldn’t stomach). Head out and embrace a sunny day with a couple “aqua nats” and bluetooth speakers in your bag because this little bottle pairs well with Blondie’s “In the Sun”. Don’t forget to bring along your 🕶

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Falling for a Renegade

Folias de Baco
Uivo PT Nat Renegado Bruto 2019
A blend of more than 20 different red and white indegenous and old vine varieties (wow!!! 20+?)
Methode Ancestral
Alijó, Duoro, Portugal
Wild yeast, unfined and unfiltered, vegan-friendly
Winemaker: Tiago Sampaio

Raspberry deep rose pink or a dark cosmo color with delightful fizzy bubbles. Inhaling strawberries and they lean back into raspberries, mineral, and some weird smoothness figuring it out. Sipping those same raspberries, strawberries, and hello… cranberry. It’s tart and dry but still there’s a hint of twizzler. Wait that’s that smoothness I couldn’t figure out. The smell when you open a Twizzler pack, and then the taste when you first take a bite, yet it fades when the Pét-Nat tingle tart hits you again.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: the fruit goes deep and dark and even more dry

Been reading about how Tiago Sampaio, ended up in wine. Yes, he had the tradition that many do of growing up in a family of farming and vineyards, but it grew past that. This young man left Portugal for Oregon State’s Viticulture and Oenology PhD program. For those of you familiar with Oregon State, know what this means…this howling wolf was first a beaver. If you’re not acquainted with Benny, here’s a little clip.

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