Art Comes in All Forms

Amalia Cascina
Rossese Bianco 2017
Rossese Bianco 100%
Langhe DOC
Hand harvested
Monforte d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy
Winemaking Team: Paolo Boffa, Gianpiero Romana (agronomist), Piero Ballario (enologist), and Maria Angela Boffa (mom, runs the B&B)

Light straw like the miller’s daughter wove into gold. Breathing in honey, pear, summer savory, and light cinnamon. What a nice start, that blends into delicious growing flavors of pear, Rainier cherries, yellow plums, golden delicious apples (perfectly ripe), white raisins, smoke, salt, again light cinnamon now with a tad of clove, shortbread, and light oak with a dried Turkish fig finish. How else can I put this…it’s like drinking Klimt’s, “Bauerngarten”.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO it totally ruins it

The Boffa family found the perfect farmhouse in 2003, that came with some pretty great vineyards. They’ve expanded a bit more in vines and winery, but from all I see on their site, I would have thought this had been passed down forever through the family and updated to modern times. It is so gorgeous (well it is set in an UNESCO World Heritage Site) and there’s a B&B with a pool. Most importantly though, thank you for being one of the lucky few cultivating Rossese Bianco. How such a unique delicious grape could come close to vanishing is amazing. One more reason to say thank goodness for the 70s (along with some fab music) when it was resurrected. Also I’m reading that not only do they have a deep appreciation for beauty in many forms such as the land, the grapes, but also a very cool art collection and some of it is on view. Going through their slides now and they really do have some serious work, just wish I could see them in person, especially the 3 panel blue wall piece. It looks like if you stared at it long enough you would become drawn into and never to be seen again. Gorgeous!

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