A Real Work Of Art

Las Jaras Wines
Superbloom Cuvée Zero Zero 2022
California Table Wine
Co-ferment of red & white grapes sourced from Sierra Foothills
Sebastopol, CA
Winemakers: Joel Burt and Eric Wareheim (yes, that foodie & funnyman Eric)
Label art: Jade Roche

Deep very ripe watermelon juice fresh from the garden. Sniffing and right off there’s so many layers of goodness. There’s watermelon, raspberries & strawberries, bell pepper & a little slice of French breakfast radish (as it opens up), fresh rained on cement & granite in the early summer warmth, squeeze of lemon & lime, and orange zest. Ooh I love this stuff! Dancing on my tongue are those watermelons again with not quite ripe strawberries, zippy citrus blend, kiwi, fresh rhubarb, green gooseberry, maybe even little twinge of tomatillo, a tiny green peppercorn, and a little wild fling. It’s bright, vibrant, so alive, and full of multiple personalities.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NOPE

I have walked past this cheerful looking bottle (the label made me think of what Rothko would paint if he’d microdosed) so many times meaning to pick it up but for some reason always getting distracted by something else. I have so been missing out! Joel & Eric’s wine is a rollicking good time. Just watch their videos and you can see how enthusiastic they are about the whole grape growing/winemaking process and also the art that graces their bottles & cans. Love that they asked friends to come up with imagery to pair with the wines and actually give them credit that is easily found and I don’t have to run around going nuts searching. Now I can just spend that extra time enjoying another glass of Superbloom. Cheers!

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