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Le Bazar 2021
Sparkling Orange
Trebbiano, Clairette, Vermentino
Natural wine, no sulfites
Provence, France
Jean Luc Lametrie (also founder of Wine Mc2)

Deep golden orange with and pink bubbles. Sniffing and there’s oranges, kumquats, a little Cherry Twizzlers, a childhood memory of Circus Peanuts, then very light raspberries along with lemon/lime spritz, smidge of toasted coriander & fresh baked baguettes. Going in for the taste and here comes a blend of orange, lemon-lime, kumquats, light pomelo, young raspberries with seltzer & salt, tarty yellow cherries, bit of quince & pear combo pie, smidge of smoke, and as it opens a little toast but mostly sharpens everything.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER IT

MOOA is pronounced “Moi” which as we all know means “Me”, so I guess Jean Luc decided to embark on this project purely for himself and we’re just lucky to get to share a taste of it. The first time I picked one of your wines “Ground Control To Major Tom”, it was the label that lured me in, but when I popped that cap, what was living in the bottle was even better. With this orange I was already betting I’d totally be in for a fun & sparky bubbly and you did not disappoint. My question is why the name “Le Bazar”? This is definitely not “a mess” but a bottle of pure awesome natural joy.

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