Tomas Cusine “El Geol”

This was the first wine I broke into during the lockdown. Now I only wish I could get more of Tomas Cusine “El Geol” 2016 Old Vines. 

Lovely dark ruby color. 

Nose was warm & loving. Black peppercorns, deep cherry and fig mix, whiff of cola, stone fruit, small oak; and would love to be sitting by a fireplace. Also had balsamic notes that reminded me of a reduction that my friend Stefano makes to go with his steak. Full disclosure, last one I had, I drank straight from the to go condiment cup. He makes the best damn reduction. 

Taste was rich, dark cherry, plum, dried figs, and blackberries. Velvety and full and if it were a sweater I’d wear it every day. Comforting and strong. 

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