This Truly is the Nectar of the Gods

Weingut Schlossmühlenhof
Grauer Burgunder Trocken
Boden Funk 2019
100% Grauer Burgunder
Kettenheim, Rheinhessen, Germany
Organic, unfiltered, and ambient yeast
Winemakers: The Michel family of Walter, Gabriele, Nicolas, and Janine (Nicolas’ girlfriend)

Hazy straw or kinda like pear juice. Immediate scents popping the second you open the bottle of salt, tangerine, tiny very tiny orange blossoms, lemon, hay, some good funk, and granite. Ambrosia is rolling all over my tongue. There’s pear, apples, pineapples, Valencia oranges, salt, and a minerally/limestone finish. It’s a fresh glass of summer! You truly have no idea how delicious this is, I don’t want this bottle to stop. It’s so full of love, happiness, and utter joy.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: just delightful together. Brings out a sizzle

The family farm dates back to 1864, but back then it was a rye and wheat mill (Schlossmühle) up until 1920, when a vineyard was started. The Michel family also made it’s imprint on the land and built their home there in 1881, and still live there to this day. We’re now on the 6th generation, who is completely into ‘ecologically healthy’ farming and dedicated to the Rheinhessen style. Each family member has their own special role(s). Walter is in semi-retirement yet still works in the vineyards and chronicles the family history, his wife Gabriele deals with the back and front of house holiday rental and warmly greets customers, their son Nicolas is now ruling the cellar and is hands on in the vineyard creating his distinct and delicious wines, and his girlfriend Janine who not only helps in the vineyard but has the happy social skills to represent their wines at fairs and tastings. There are also two more important members of the family, who are Nicolas’ loyal 4 legged buddies Emilio and Cuno, who in my opinion are two gorgeous dogs that I would love to play fetch with (don’t let my cat Olive hear that, she’s the queen of fetch). Check out their wines and also their site because it will warm your heart, and give you a little view of their piece of heaven.

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