Fresh Breath Of Life

Weingut A.J. Adam
Riesling Trocken 2020
100% Riesling
Hand harvested, indigenous yeast
Neumagen-Dhron, Mosel, Germany
Brother and sister winemaking team: Andreas Adam & Barbara Gudelj

Springy pale yellow-green. Sniff and it’s a yeasty start…like a fresh baked croissant that goes all mellow or pie crust and skirts in and out, sliced pears, apple wedges, pie spice, blended mellow citrus pops, and a bit of grass. Sip and again mixed citrus tang, a little Orangina, tart apples & pears, honeysuckle, some peaches along with mango a bit of papaya, lick of slate, and a smidge of oregano. It’s just a fresh breath of life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s ok. Brings out a lot of citrus

This is a story of the young cherishing and returning to the land of their family. Andreas and Barbara each came back when the time was right to work and devote themselves to their grandparents’ small plot. They even expanded at an insanely low price per sq. meter. At that time, people were just more interested in heading to the city, but it’s an area filled with ancient winemaking history (well, it is called “Germany’s Oldest Winemaking Centre”). The Romans left their viticulture mark and would transport wine by rowing boats on the Mosel, and there’s a really cool sculptural depiction of one of these double dragon headed vessels (date 220AD), “Neumagener Weinschiff” which was part of a tomb/gravestone of a Roman wine merchant. If you want to experience just a touch of that old Roman boating tradition and take in the beautiful view of Neumagen-Dhron, a wooden replica has been built to let you cruise in style. Don’t forget to bring the wine!

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Fossil Fueled Wine

Weingut Stephan Steinmetz
Elbling 2020
Sustainable, hand-harvested, and working in rhythm with nature
Mosel, Germany
Winemaker: Stephan Steinmetz

Shining shimmering starlight with a little hints of green interplanetary life. Breathing in a valley breeze of crisp apples and pears, a squeeze of peach, a little fresh melon, lemon wafts, smoke, and lovely salt. Fresh summer sipping much in line with the sniff. Crunchy apples and pears, and a good shake of salty mineral, light peach, lemon spritz, and a teeny tiny leaf of parsley. 

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Fresh and elegant

Ooh Elbling you are such a youthful ancient grape! I can just see the Romans partying with you. All your very fresh and salt goodness fed by Obermosel’s fossil/shell rich fields and the natural care of the Steinmetz family. They do as much as possible by hand, and dwarf sheep live and tend to the vineyard (not sure if they are in the entire vineyard or just the grapes for the “Unkultiviert”). Honestly they are so ruggedly wooly cute! BTW back in December 2020, they had a wine & wool pairing through their wine retailer Frau Hauptmann and Zwei Rechts wool shop. It may not be from the vineyard dwarves, but it is merino, and I can raise a glass to that.

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This Truly is the Nectar of the Gods

Weingut Schlossmühlenhof
Grauer Burgunder Trocken
Boden Funk 2019
100% Grauer Burgunder
Kettenheim, Rheinhessen, Germany
Organic, unfiltered, and ambient yeast
Winemakers: The Michel family of Walter, Gabriele, Nicolas, and Janine (Nicolas’ girlfriend)

Hazy straw or kinda like pear juice. Immediate scents popping the second you open the bottle of salt, tangerine, tiny very tiny orange blossoms, lemon, hay, some good funk, and granite. Ambrosia is rolling all over my tongue. There’s pear, apples, pineapples, Valencia oranges, salt, and a minerally/limestone finish. It’s a fresh glass of summer! You truly have no idea how delicious this is, I don’t want this bottle to stop. It’s so full of love, happiness, and utter joy.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: just delightful together. Brings out a sizzle

The family farm dates back to 1864, but back then it was a rye and wheat mill (Schlossmühle) up until 1920, when a vineyard was started. The Michel family also made it’s imprint on the land and built their home there in 1881, and still live there to this day. We’re now on the 6th generation, who is completely into ‘ecologically healthy’ farming and dedicated to the Rheinhessen style. Each family member has their own special role(s). Walter is in semi-retirement yet still works in the vineyards and chronicles the family history, his wife Gabriele deals with the back and front of house holiday rental and warmly greets customers, their son Nicolas is now ruling the cellar and is hands on in the vineyard creating his distinct and delicious wines, and his girlfriend Janine who not only helps in the vineyard but has the happy social skills to represent their wines at fairs and tastings. There are also two more important members of the family, who are Nicolas’ loyal 4 legged buddies Emilio and Cuno, who in my opinion are two gorgeous dogs that I would love to play fetch with (don’t let my cat Olive hear that, she’s the queen of fetch). Check out their wines and also their site because it will warm your heart, and give you a little view of their piece of heaven.

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An Ancient Grape for Modern Times

Winzerkeller Auggener Schaf
Gertie and Max 2019
Produced & Bottled for Willie Glückstern Selections
Gutedel QbA Trocken
Markgräflerland, Baden, Germany

Pretty dainty straw yellow. Inhaling melon, grapefruit (but not overly strong…this ain’t an IPA), nuttiness, and vanilla. Sipping lemon/citrus, pear, melon, and dragging a honeysuckle stamen over my tongue. There’s also something mineral and some almond going on.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: this is the best ever pairing. They are meant for each other. Nothing changes except the sweetness is heightened

For all of you thinking this bottle was picked for it’s cute label, well sorry to disappoint you. This was picked for the delightful wine it truly is and the Gutedel grape is it made from. Gutedel (also known as Chasselas in other places) can be traced back 5000 years ago being cultivated by the Egyptians. Spread from there to the Romans and Greeks and then transported to France and Germany and elsewhere and is still spreading even to the UK from what I’m finding. For the best I’d stick with Markgräflerland.

Back to the label, yes the vineyard mice are enchanting…so enchanting that I googled mice wine thinking others may have used them in their art. Well, don’t google it. You won’t like what you find. It’s horrific. It’s something you can’t unsee. Just stick with enjoying another glass of Gertie and Max. I’m on my second hoping it will help me forget.

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Heavenly Honey (and Peaches)

Weingut Clüsserath-Weiler
Trittenheimer Altärchen Riesling Kabinett 2009
100% Riesling
Trittenheim Mosel, Germany
Winemaker: Verena Clüsserath

Spun gold glassful. Inhaling flowers, fresh apricots and just picked peaches, a touch of grapefruit and then at last mineral. The peaches are really here in the first sip. Reminds me of the ones from back home, we’d pick for mom to make cobbler. Next is honey and melons, again the slightest touch of grapefruit dryness and mineral. Makes me think of something the gods would have drunk out of a goblet while one of us mortals were feeding them cheese and grapes. Kind of makes me feel a little decadent but stops before it gets too heady (thank goodness). It’s a delicious ethereal beauty.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Less honey and more peaches

Here’s another ethereal beauty to enjoy: Mazzy Star – Fade Into You (Live)

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