Vivacious Expression

Weingut Tegernseerhof
T- Rosé Zweigelt 2020
Sustainable, hand harvested
Wachau, Austria
Winemaker: Martin Mittelbach (5th generation)

Deep rose with a touch of sunset orange. Let it sit a little and scents float out of strawberries, red plums, raspberries, fresh picked spring flowers (includes the stems, leaves and all), and a few blades of grass. Those strawberries and raspberries reappear in the sip along with blackberries, and of all things watermelon jolly ranchers. There’s also a smooth creaminess, white peaches, a blood arrange tingle and spark, and the tiniest hint of parsley on the back. This is a happy easy sipper that will bring your tastebuds a lot of enthusiastic joy, but it’s also thoughtful and more complex than a typical rosé party down pink fest.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nah it’s not for me

Martin Mittelbach says it best on his site, “Following ancient traditions, we use our own grape selections, chosen for their agility and vitality. Quality comes before quantity. Our wines reflect our values: they impress through their expression of vineyard and grape variety rather their alcohol or sugar content. Their finesse comes naturally, in our combination of soils, climate, and traditional viniculture.” That’s what you’re going to find in this bottle of rosé…true dedicated quality and a taste of their part of the world. Martin is the conductor that brings this symphony all together, much like how the Austrian conductor, Elisabeth Fuchs directs orchestras in her expressive passionate ways. Check them both out, because I can guarantee it will bring a smile to your day. 💕

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Something Special Going on Here

Weingut Claus Preisinger
Puszta Libre! 2020
Zweigelt, St. Laurent
Organic, biodynamic unfined, unfiltered, spontaneous fermentation
Gols, Burgenland, Neusiedlersee, Austria
Winemaker: Claus Preisinger

Beautiful deep ruby that needs a good chill. Starting with a long whiff of smoke and salt joined with cherry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, orange zest, and a little all spice. Pace yourself because this is another one of those easy drinkers…like can potentially get you in trouble if you keep chugging easy, so beware of “wine goggles”. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you take a sip. There’s tart cherry along with a lemon spark of fresh followed by black pepper. Next up is juicy strawberry (like when you wait for them to hit that dark almost overripe red color and pick it and eat it in the garden), plums, blackberries, blueberries and white pepper on the back along with a bit of smoke. Just lively and lovely!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out the citrus zip and blueberries

Everything I’m finding about Claus Preisinger…he is so full of vibrant life (heck he’s a surfer/kitesurfer!) and in tune/connected with nature, and has a “less is more” ethic from the soil, the vines, and in the cellar. The winery and vineyards are settled near Lake Neusiedl, and this very modern architecture popping out of a peaceful lush countryside just somehow beautifully works, feels right and kind of looks magical. He really has something special going on there and knows it, as he said on “The Living Vine”, ‘I don’t have to go to an office; don’t have any traffic jams; am outside in nature and the vineyards as much as I want (and the vines demand); I just look across the landscape and feel the weather. All of this is a privilege that I appreciate (more and more).’ 🍷

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Hold My Wine!

Milan Nestarec
Youngster 2020
Morava Red Wine
Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder
Organic, biodynamic, unfiltered, unfined
Velké Bílovice, Moravia, Czech Republic
Winemaker: Milan Nestarec

Deep goth purple ink. Breathing in cherries, blueberries, and a good whiff of tangy. Here comes raisins, black currants, just picked green pepper mixed with tomato plants (not just the leaves but the whole funky plant), and fresh tilled earth. First sip and it’s full of grab the bull by the horns life! Tart plums, cherries with skins pits and all, rhubarb with a few sprigs of hay (Hey, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl), and it’s juicy. There’s also blackberries, currants, and black pepper. It’s a fun scramble jumble! Wait, I wonder what my tongue looks like. Good grief it is very, very purple. This “Youngster” is full of surprises!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Oh for all things sacred…DO NOT TRY

After you have a chance to taste any of Milan’s wines, please go to his incredibly well designed website. No one breaks it all down quite like he does. Instead of going on about being artisanal and natural (shhh…which he is), he’d rather just call it normal, and his wine “everyday regular normal”…or as he says “no bullsh*t”. I love it when people just tell it like it is and also have a tongue in cheek sense of humor. You have the real honest deal here. Even down to his “Annoying But Mandatory Age Verification Pop-up” that asks, “Are you legally old enough (according to your country’s laws, that is) to say ‘Hold my beer’?” 🤣

Btw Milan’s friend and colleague, Lukáš Čech & his family, lost their house due to a tornado on 6/24. The pics are heartbreaking. Milan is such a caring man, he has set up a fund to help them rebuild: My heart goes out to them.

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Happy Cows Make Happy Wines

Roter Mulatschak
Österreich Red 2019
Zweigelt,  St. Laurent
Biodynamic (Demeter), organic, hand-harvested, and spontaneous fermentation
Burgenland, Austria
Winemaking and Farming Family: The Michlits

Before we even get started…chill this baby which looks like a cranberry plum cocktail. Scents of fresh raspberries, cranberries, cherry but also cherry twizzler, and forest floor funky goodness. This is going to be good. There’s the cranberry again with a zing tingle, cherrylicious, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, a twinge of orange, and some earth depth and pepper. It’s dry yet lively with tiny fireworks of fruit bouncing around.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Oddly not what I was expecting, it doesn’t change it at all. Pair it up y’all!

This is my second bottle of happiness from Meinklang. Last was Prosa 2019 which you can see in my post “A Little Slice of Heaven” which sums up where they live and grow their vines (located inside the gorgeous WHS of Neusiedlersee). As a farming family, their 3 sons grew up working the land and each one found their calling (from wine to tractors to animals/plants), and decided not to roam far from home. In fact, they expanded the farm so all the families have space and live in harmony together and with nature. And they have a lot of nature. There’s a whole pile of animals (cows, horses, pigs, sheep, a few chickens) and they are what fuels this whole operation. Yep, their poop is the fertilizer for the whole farm, hence the proud cow prancing on the label. And as it says on the back, “Cows are dancing, bulls are jumping, the lush pastures inhaling life. That’s <<Mulatschak>>, cheerful celebrations, joyful being.” I say raise a glass, and join in on the roaming or “moooving” party!

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Forever Learning and Always the Artist

Artisan Wines – DI Franz Schneider
Zweigelt Neusiedlersee
DAC Reserve 2015
100% Zweigelt
Halbturn, Burgenland, Austria
Sustainable farming
Winemaker & owner: Franz Schneider

Velvet dark deep ruby. Breathing in oak, plum, deep cherry, berries, and candy cola. First sip and cherry combined with dark goth plum. It’s sweet but not overly. There’s also some woodiness and coffee, with of all things juniper berries thrown in to the mix.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: juicy and less wood

Franz Schneider, his wife Ulrike Schmied, and their adorable twins make up this picture perfect wine family. At an early age, the twins are even getting their taste of the business and learning the grapes through homegrown fresh grape juice. Zweigelt Neusiedlersee DAC Reserve is made from their oldest Zweigelt, planted back in 1972, and Franz selects only the best of the harvest. From what I’m reading it sounds like he is constantly learning and adapting with each vintage and thus the name “Artisan” suits well. Whatever knowledge he keeps gleaning, it’s working in this beautifully refined bottle. Also a side note, there’s recipes on the site that you might like to pair with their wines. Just click on the pics to get the full instructions for a wonderful meal. The pumpkin risotto looks perfect for this time of the year.

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Beautiful Bunches of Grapes

St. Laurent 2019
Göttlesbrunn Carnuntum Austria
St. Laurent 100%
Winemaker: Christina Netzl
Organic and carbonic maceration

Dancing purplish garnet ruby. Here comes wafts of roses, and pow! cran-cherry, a little dark plum, some woodsy earth, and cola. While sipping again there’s cranberries, cherries and a jumble of juicy raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries; and also a touch of earth. Smooth velvet feel to this fun, light, and year round slightly chilled wine.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Smooth and good but I think it would be better with heavily buttered popcorn, and why you ask? Because this was tasted while watching the debate.

This is my second Christina wine, and her wines are consistently wonderful due to all her care for keeping it organic and low-intervention. St. Laurent 2019, is another beautiful wine to her list, that is making me fall more in love, and I’m betting it’s due to the carbonic maceration done in their old cellar. The last one I had was her Zweigelt Rosé 2019, and you can read more about it and a very long post about her, why there’s bugs on the label, the winery, and surrounding lands at

One more thing…remember to chill this wine, but not too much like I originally did. Yep, I screwed up and therefore had to wait a while. You don’t want to have to wait to dive into this glass, do you? So just a little and you’ll be so happy!

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Let’s Hear it for the Bugs!

Zweigelt Rosé 2019
Göttlesbrunn Carnuntum Austria
Zweigelt 100%
Winemaker Christina Netzl

A glass of really deep flaming cloudy rosé. Sniff and there’s cherry, watermelon, sea breeze, citrus peel, and mineral. Just a beautiful refreshing fragrance. Tip your glass and take a sip. Whoa it’s super fruity. Again there’s delicious watermelon, tart cherry, some lemon tang, and I do believe pepper. Oh this is so easy to drink, but take your time, unless you have a backup bottle in the fridge.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Sweetens the cherry watermelon

The Netzl family has six generations of wine history, and Christina has taken it to the natural side. She grew up on her parents farm/vineyard (in Carnuntum, Austria) learning the ways of the vine. As her family began further focusing on the wine, she also continued her education in London. Upon her return home, she navigated the winery to it’s now organic status, which is heralded on the labels of her Christina line. I’m a big bee and bug backer, and these cheerful illustrations of the beneficial inhabitants of the vineyard tell it all. There’s no pesticides here. Also interestingly enough, Fritz Zweigelt, who had doctorate in entomology, is the father of the grape Zweigelt. Back in the 1920s he crossed Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent grapes to come up with this hybrid.

On to Carnuntum…what a history, an ancient Roman fortress and a destination on the Amber Road. Now from what I’m reading, it’s a treasure trove for archeologists, and as seen in Christina’s wine, an amazing place to have a vineyard from the rich soil influenced by the Danube. Visiting the city’s website, introduced me to Heidentor or also known as “Heathen’s Gate” which is quite weathered yet still majestic. Their site also has a digital rendering of how it probably looked when it was first constructed back in 351–361 AD. There’s also remains of amphitheaters and a gladiator school which they also recreate here. Alright, while watching the video and listening to the dramatic music, it made me have a GOT moment. Started waiting to see if a dragon would fly in and crisp everyone.

Turning away from the city and now heading to Donau-auen National Park, which is a floodplain area along the Danube. I thought, I was just going to be enjoying discovering the wildlife and land, but as I research, I’ve discovered a political movement that saved and created this area. As industry developed and hydroelectric plants and dams popped up along the Danube, Austrian environmentalists stood up and made their voices herd. They protested and encamped themselves to stop the destruction of nature. The police could not even move them. Thousands occupied the Hainburg area to stop the deforestation which became known as the Hainburg Movement. This led to their Supreme Court stopping the clearing of the land and eventually the power plant losing their fight. Thank goodness! Think of how different this area would be, if people just sat back and let their precious water, wildlife and forests be destroyed. Here’s a gorgeous video provided by the park. Wow, to wake up and see such lush beauty each morning would be amazing. This is definitely a place that was and is worth fighting for.

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