Going to California

Monte Rio Cellars
Skull 2019
50% Petite Sirah, 30% Mission, 20% Zinfandel
Sebasropol, CA
Organic, indigenous yeast, hands off, and NO sulfur
Winemakers: Patrick Cappiello and Pax Mahle

Deep dense purple with a ruby tint on rim. Sniffing spices, first cinnamon barkiness, next mace, and then comes cherries, plums, cola, and I want to just say vanilla but it’s more sugar cookies with butter cream. Rolling around in my mouth are tart cherries, smoked plums, Mom’s strawberry preserves which were like a savory/sweet treat and a warm hug, lemon, citrus zest, and white and black peppercorns. It’s juicy, lovely and super shining vibrant. Where’s my shades?

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Really doesn’t change it yet more juicy. Just easy drinking with a teeny tiny burn

Emblazoned on the front of their website is, “Handcrafted wines in the spirit of old California.” Well, that is what Patrick Cappiello and Pax Mahle are definitely doing. The sommelier and the renowned winemaker are a perfect pairing. Working with family owned organic vineyards, they have the ability to select exactly what they see as best, and recreate that old California. Often they are working with a single grape but “Skull” is a beautiful blend that has a bring me a black and blue steak cry. Oh, and add a side of shoestring fries and mayo please, and this is what a sommelier would want for a wine. I also have a confession, I have watched every episode of Mr. Cappiello’s “Tasting Notes.” I already knew about him but stumbled upon those while I was home recovering from a procedure and searching wine on Amazon (BTW Pax’s Griffin’s Lair Syrah is on Season 1 Ep 10). Next thing I knew, it was like eating potato chips, you can’t just stop at one. Started coveting his t-shirt collection, and was so excited when I saw shirts were for sale on Monte Rio’s site. It’s a cool shirt, and it is SOLD OUT! Please guys, please get some new ones ready to ship out. Led-Zinfandel needs to be added to my wardrobe.

Led Zeppelin – Going To California

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A Natural Stomp

Tinto Uno 2016
Ribeira Sacra
Lugo, Spain
Mencía 85%, Garnacha Tintorera 10%, Godello 5%

A beautiful glass of heavy purple. Here goes the first breath…mineral and cherry. Let it do it’s thing for a bit and then chocolate, green pepper, and pretty spring flowers. Now on with the show, this one is a smooth operator from the very first sip. Cherry, strawberries, blueberries, and then here pops in olive pit, salt with a bit of earthiness and maybe, just maybe, burnt sage. No, I’m not going all hippie and cleansing the place, even though after WFH for at least 9 weeks, this place could probably use it. This is a juicy friendly wine that makes my brain cry out, “Why can’t I be at a bar or at least with friends sharing this wine! This is a velvety wine that needs to have people together and cheering it!” Also check out the Tech Notes from Mission‘s website. I love the idea of the grapes being stomped underfoot.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: mellows it all out and heightens the cheese in the Cheez-Its. Makes me want to keep drinking more, which I did way too fast. Oof.

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