Prawns Gone Wild

Jaume Prats
BimBollí 2020
Manto Negro, Fogoneu
Organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts, unfined, unfiltered
Mallorca, Spain
Winemaker: Jaume Prats

Orange red/rose streaked sunset. Breathing strawberries, cherries, and while the glass is still really cold there’s an herbal fragrance like thyme & oregano twisted together, then blood oranges, a wisp of hay, a little funk that blooms into a deeper strawberry scented rose, and as it warms up orange zest appears. Sipping strawberries at all stages, from very young and tart to just the right ripe, cherries, a minerally lick of granite with a drop of saltiness and a little sizzle. Some hay pops out, waves & says goodbye, there’s that orange zest again as it opens and a squish of lemon-lime too, and a lingering smokiness in the back.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: I was right to not want to try this pairing. ICK

Can someone please tell me the true meaning of BimBollí? I don’t care if it is naughty, but I have gone down a rabbit hole searching and well, let’s say it’s been interesting (could it be rooted in malespín, or am I the one that is the fool?). Anyway back to this scrumptious wine and Jaume Prats. He embraces grapes of his native Mallorca and naturally nurtures them (via the call vermell) to tell their own wild bottled tale. As for tales or rather tails…I go back to questioning…why is there a prawn joyriding on a scooter? This has to be a fun story, so please someone let me know!

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A Grape Resurrection

Can Majoral
Giró Blanc 2018
Pla i Llevant DO
Organic, native grape, hand harvested
Algaida, Mallorca, Spain

Owner/founder/creator: Andreu Majoral (dad); Winemakers: Mireia (daughter) & Andreu Jr. (nephew)

Deep gold with orange hues. Inhaling a mix of citrus, mangos, pineapple, melon with a little muskiness, a real French croissant or maybe one I had in Switzerland but definitely not a cronut, a whole big ol’ tied bunch of garden herbs, and a smidge of white pepper. Oh this is nice… flavors of peaches, honey (as it opens), mangos, pineapple, raspberry, lemon, Rainer cherry, a lick of slate, and cilantro. As lush and alive as the painting on the bottle by Maria Carbonero.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smoothes everything out but honestly I like it better on its own

Andreu Majoral (and now his family too) set about in 1979, to create Can Majoral where they have two purely organic locations of vineyards. They love to work with native grapes especially like the Giró Blanc that was almost wiped out but thank goodness was rescued. I feel kind of special to be drinking an almost ghost grape. Over time there were people that thought that it was related to Grenache or the Giró from Sardinia, but NOPE, it’s all unique and Mallorcan.

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