Natural Hospitality

‘Vino Naranja’ 2019
Macabeo & Moscat
Natural wines very well acquainted with hand and foot, 1st contemporary Mexican winery to make natural wine in clay vessels (depicted on the label) since 2016
This bottle is 673/840
Vergel de la Sierra, San Felipe, GTO, Mexico
Founder: Marcelo Castro Vera
Winemaker: Celia Morales and the winery is run by mostly women

Orangey gold with some non-filtered goodness. Hovering over the glass and at first it’s heady with magnolias, juicy pears, honeydew, pineapple, a whole big ol’ armful bunch of flowers, and a little granite & salt. Sip and it’s an explosion of everything and mostly not what first emerged in the sniffing. It hits so fast that I have to sit here a moment before being taken on a wild ride of young yellow plums, crab apples, lemon, lime & a citrus blended cocktail with smoke, and salt. There’s also a peppery kick that goes in and out and at times turns into green bell pepper. It’s  fresh, tart and funky in a good way. Kind of addictive and each sip makes you want more and it keeps morphing. This would be really good with a rim of salt & hot pepper.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: blerg ack

I had no idea that bringing home this bottle would lead to a place to escape and start your own adventure, and wine wasn’t the beginning. Marcelo Castro Vera had a background in hotels/hospitality and then he turned his knowledge and experience on its head. This man is a total multitasker…he opened the hotel El Nidal, made of shipping containers that bring you back in touch with beautiful wild nature and maybe even yourself, but in comfort (there’s even hot water powered by solar & a minibar). Then he embarked the Octagono winery, a distillery, a brewery and more. Wow, what a life! I think he has it all covered, and wonder when he gets time to sleep?

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Applying Natural Science

Adega do Vimbio
O Acordo 2019
“Viños Ferales”
Sousón & Caíño
As sustainable as possible, hand harvested, unfiltered, no sulfur
Goian, Tomiño (Pontevedra) Galicia, Spain
Winemakering couple: Martin Crusat and Patricia Elola

Bright ruby stained glass with magenta pops. First sniff and there’s earthy funk that will fade and blend into raspberries, strawberries, a little cream, and white and black pepper. Going in for the first sip and mmm tingle tangle sizzle with a sprig of hay, lemon spritz in a raspberry cranberry cherry juice cocktail with a lick of jolly rancher, strawberry, boysenberry, chewing wild sour grass juicy tang, and sprinkle of salt. So fresh, happy, crunchy and luscious all at the same time. Hey! Listen up all y’all fruited beer lovers, you’re going to want this bottle.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: more fruity but nah

Wine with a biologist and environmental studies background. That is a recipe for natural perfection. The vineyards/summer home all started with Martin’s father Tito and his dreams. Years later Martin and Patricia returned from a whole other life abroad to join in on the wine and apply their science and environmental knowledge. They’re now sustainable, bio, more actual “hands on” with the earth & vines, but in the cellar more “hands off”, and taking the whole environment into consideration. All of this pure dedication brought about their signature Vimbio wine, and now their “Viños Ferales” that do not bother with “DO” restrictions which as you can see has a wild delicious outcome! 🍷

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Making A Break

AT Roca
Esparter 2015
Parcel•la única
Brut Nature
D.O. Classic Penedès
100% Macabeu
Mètode Tradicional, zero dosage, organic, hand-harvested, sustainable, indigenous yeasts, and indigenous grapes
Vineyard: Costers de l’Ordal
Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs, Penedès, Catalunya, Spain
Winemaking Family: Agustí Torello Roca (son), Agustí Torello Sibill (father), & Lali Torello Sibill (aunt)

Pale yellow with very tiny bouncing bubbles. Crisp and bright scents of pears, apples, mellow brioche, and a smidge vanilla that delightfully grows. Sipping and here come those crunchy pears snd apples, brioche again but more, like a bite of vanilla-lemon curd cake, a dash of all spice, with a rounded lick of limestone. Delightfully creamy and would be fabulous with crispy BACON!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s ok. More fruity but I like it better on its own

AT Roca may have only been founded in 2013, but the family had an established history in Cava through Agustí Torello Mata. Branching out they made a break from D.O. Cava to D.O. Classic Penedès. Why is this special? Well, according to the official site in order to join, it’s required to be 100% organic (they are the 1st appellation in the world to require this), 100% Penedès (promoting the ancestral and indigenous varieties), and 100% Reserva (at least 15 months in the cellar). The family and team at the AT Roca project are very dedicated to the varying lands of Penedès and getting “maximum expression of the old vineyards”. They have the ability to choose the vineyards and not just be tied to an inheritance. This helps them in their delicious goal of consistently making wines that, “reflect the liquid history of its region” which is absolutely beautiful. 🥂

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Loving The Alien

Bodegas Maestro Tejero
El Marciano 2018
100% Garnacha (my favorite)
Vino de la Tierra de Castillo y León
Sierra de Gredos, Navarredondilla, Avila, Spain
Biodynamic and organic (but not certified); wild yeasts
Winemaker: Alfredo Maestro

Deep purple ruby goblet. Scents of dark flowers, deep cherry, black pepper, and sweet ripe yellow plums. First taste is a snappy cherry, orange, pepper, earthy funk, and throw in some cardamon. Sweetness yet then tangy. It’s such an interesting combo on each sip. Going from the fruit, pepper, sweet and earth and back around again. Light and fresh and young

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: more tangy earth

Alfredo Maestro is another one of those amazing self taught winemakers that I keep stumbling upon in my wine wanderings. Started out as an economist with interest in wine, so he picked up some books, started with trial and error and testing on his friends to see where it would go. The less chemicals and more natural/old school he went…the more he and his test subjects knew he was on to something. As the old saying goes…less is more. He also learned to listen to the land, the plants, and revert to an old school tractor known as a horse. So let’s talk about the label on “El Marciano” which means the Martian. The village Navarredondilla atop of Sierra de Gredos is a hot spot for checking out UFOs. According to Alfredo, he found two Martians working in his vineyard and thus the tale was born. So here’s the question, do Martians like wine? And if so have their been sightings of tipsy weaving UFOs in the area? Either way, this wine is fun and fabulous and as the David Bowie song title says, I’m “Loving The Alien”.

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Fresh Apple Breeze

Sagardo Naturala 2018
Usurbil, Gipuzkoa, Spain
20 to 30 different native Basque apples
Organic, wild yeasts, unfiltered
Growers: Aitor & José Ignacio Lizaso

This is a super orange pour. First scents are the apples, then cinnamon, sea breeze (don’t laugh, it really does have that), and an unexpected orangieness. Oh wow, this is tart, fresh, and tangy tasting. There’s all sorts of apples, lemon, smoke, dry, and a little bit of super dainty bubbles. Making me crave South Carolina style BBQ.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: evens out the tart

From what I’m reading about Arratzain, it’s not just a cidery, it’s also an inn. If you’re a lucky visitor during harvest, you can also help out. As stated above, the cider is made from 20 to 30 different apples: 60% for acid, 30% for bitterness, and 10% for sweetness. It never ceases to amaze me how many different varieties of apples exist all over the world. I grew up with only 5 different types of apples in our orchard. How I miss being there when all the trees were in full bloom…so beautiful and so fragrant. Another fond memory I have is when apples fell off a tree and started to rot and ferment on the ground, you would see drunk wobbly bees buzzing slowly up and down throughout the trees. BTW don’t google drunk bees. I had no idea what happened if a bee made its way back to the hive drunk. Worse than if I came home toasted to my parents’ house, back in the day.

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No Sapiens 2017
Baja California Mexico
Grape is unidentified, farmer thinks Dolcetto. Louis-Antoine Luy who collaborates with the Téllez family thinks it’s Cariñena.
Biodynamic, dry farming, hand picked, and gently stamped by foot
Project of brothers Noel and Jair Téllez and winemaker Louis-Antoine Luyt

Shiny dark glistening ruby glass. Breathe in the cherry, cola, blueberry, and fennel. Ready to take the sip? It’s full of cherry, salt, smoke, tart plum, and oddly dark chocolate. Yes, I’m not going to lie, when I first found Bichi (which also means naked), I got pulled in by the label on their “Listan”. The same artist (Daniel Pezzi) also did “No Sapiens”. Would love to find his website, but not finding anything, and would love to see more of his creations. Let me know if anyone can point me in the right direction.

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